The Mix: The Jazz 100

I’ll make this short and sweet. If you are a jazz fan, a jazz neophyte, or know absolutely nothing about jazz – but want to, this site is for you.

What better way to learn about jazz than to listen to the top 100 jazz pieces of all time.

If you are an experienced jazz fan, you may take issue with the choice of what are the top 100 jazz pieces, but, nevertheless, this site will provide you with many hours, days and weeks of pleasurable listening.

Simply click on the link and the music will start playing. Be sure you have a good speaker system. Without which your listening pleasure will be mediocre at best.

link: The Mix: The Jazz 100 NPR Media Player

PS – Nobody paid me to give out this link. I just listen to it and enjoy! . . ./JA

3 comments on “The Mix: The Jazz 100

  1. Thanks for this link! I’ve always had an interest in jazz (as well as blues) but never had any idea on where to really start with the genre. It can be an incredibly daunting task.

    I discovered one of my favorite bands thanks to NPR and find that they often make amazing music selections that I might not have heard of otherwise.

    That isn’t to say they post intentionally “indie” or “underground” music, they simply give bands a chance that the mainstream media has decided to ignore.

  2. I book jazz musicians for small local venues near where I live, so it’s one of my favorite genres. I live near Michigan State University, which has a large and stellar jazz studies program, some of the best professors of jazz on the planet. We’re all lucky around here to have access to many live performances that are truly “world class.”

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