On Sadness

You’re feeling sad. Why do you need to know why?

It is a good thing to be sad and cry a little once in a while. It is your heart calling out for some tenderness and maybe love. Sadness and crying are not sicknesses. Enjoy it while it lasts for tomorrow you may be laughing and joking with no memory of the sadness. We are blessed with emotion so that we can feel. Feel for ourselves and feel for others. There are so many people, people who are hardened, who cannot feel sadness and are too proud to cry. Rejoice in your humanness and your heartfelt emotions. You are a lucky person to feel such emotion. Through sadness you may find humility and through humility you may find inner peace. Enjoy the life-giving breath every moment of every day. All the answers are within.

*     *    *

3 comments on “On Sadness

  1. Times that I have given myself over to the gift of fully experiencing whatever I am feeling, without any attempt to restrict or change… the feelings inevitably dissolve and the beauty of life is revealed. Willingness to enter the “fray” and faith that I will make it to the other side, both help tremendously!

  2. This is a topic I find very interesting. In my childhood, sadness and anger always seemed to lead to very serious consequences among the adults around me, so I became very afraid of these emotions. It’s taken years to realize I can have them and not pay dearly, in the end. I am a “feeling machine” and these are simply part of that mechanism.

    What a freedom to no longer fear these experiences.

    • Candice, I too am a “feeling machine”. I remember times in my life where I would feel so emotional, for no apparent reason, that the minute I thought about almost anything, the tears would start flowing and sometimes I would literally sob without having any idea why. A few time it went on for a day or two. At first I would ask the question: Why is this happening?, but I discovered there doesn’t have to be a why and, in a way, it was really none of my business why. Sometimes, in life, you get so filled with the feeling of love, that it is just overwelming. When I dropped the question “why” and just accepted the emotion, I found that it was very cleansing. Almost a medicine for healing whatever needed healing. Who cares. It’s all part of the absolutely incredible experience of being human. What a gift this is.
      . . ./J

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