The Answer to the Questions

Why?  How?  When?  Where?  You know the questions but you do not know the answers!

The answers to these questions lie not in the mind with reasoning. The answers lie in the heart with feeling. Go within where resides the coming and going of the breath, the sustainer of life and the feeling of the heart. If you stay there long and often enough, the questions will cease and you will be filled only with answers. Ponder not these difficult questions of the mind, but only the power behind the breath every moment of every day. In this lies the answer to your quest for fulfillment. Peace of mind is the heritage of every human on the planet.  A world filled with Peace begins with you.

*     *     *

3 comments on “The Answer to the Questions

  1. It is hard to do – when you don’t know how. That’s why People search. They try everything under the sun to get that feeling. If it was easy, we wouldn’t have wars in this world.

    For me, I learned some very special techniques for accessing my inner self. I have been practicing these since January 4, 1974. My life is an absolute joy. My mission in life now, is to just help people be more conscious and to realize this life was meant to be simple, joyful and fulfilling.

    Explore my site here – you might find something to your taste. I’ve just started and will be adding a lot of interesting stuff in the future.

    Thanks for everything . . ./J

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