My Favorite Snack – recipe.

A time comes in ones life when you must come clean with those who are close to you; those special ones in your family, friends and even people you don’t know well but really like. This is my time.

Many, many years ago I created a snack that was, for me, out of this world. It was a moment of eureka in my life. It is time for me share this with the world. Now this is a very simple recipe and some of you will find this humorously simple but for me it is very serious. I love this snack and the day, many years ago, when I had the inspiration to create it was truly a great day because I have been making it regularly for many years, mostly for myself. Here it is. You have my permission to share this recipe with anyone of your choosing:


  1. 1 piece of toasted whole grain bread. (Be sure toast is still hot ).
  2. 1 jar of crunchy peanut butter (the crunchy type is important).
  3. Some soft butter.
  4. 1 large dill pickle (some say kosher is best, but I don’t really care as long as it was made with garlic).
  5. 1 spreading knife.
  6. 1 sharp knife for cutting the pickle.


  • First cut the pickle in long thin slices approximately 2 millimeters thick; set aside.
  • Next, spread the butter, sparingly, on the hot toast (must be hot so the butter melts) and then liberally spread the crunchy peanut butter on the toast. I’m sure you all know this to be regular toast and peanut butter.
  • Now for the moment of Eureka – place the thin dill pickle slices evenly on top of the peanut butter until covered. One large pickle should do the trick.
  • Slice the toast diagonally and place on a plate.
  • Serve and enjoy.

Many of you may be thinking this is too simple but I would remind you – some of the most important and enjoyable things in life are simple. Things like eating, drinking, sex, love and, for those of you who know me well, you guessed it, breathing. Yes – breathing – so simple, yet so incredibly rewarding. Do we appreciate our breath as much as our peanut butter and dill pickle?

You may say – “Heck, I know about the pickle thing already”. Yes, maybe you do, but, I tell you, when I thought this up, I had never heard of it. You may ask: “why did you think it up?”. I will tell you why: Because the peanut butter was too sweet and I wanted to cut it with something bitter. Hence: the pickle idea. Often the inspiration for the greatest inventions can come from the simplest of problems. What an amazing combination this recipe is – it’s kind of like sweet and sour pork in a Chinese restaurant.

If you have already heard of this recipe, it is probably because someone close to me must have betrayed my confidence, because my secret recipe was long ago revealed, without my knowledge, to the world. I know this because I recently googled “peanut butter and pickle” and found, much to my surprise, that many people are already aware of and enjoying it. However, I am not angry about this. In fact, I am very pleased that so many people are already enjoying the benefits of my moment of Eureka.

Note – I know that some of my friends are Vegans (Feather) and you are quite welcome to substitute margarine or something else for the butter ( or leave it out entirely). It won’t be the same and definitely will not be true to the original recipe, but I’m sure it will be very tasty for you.

In case the recipe is not adequate, I am attaching a picture of the finished snack.

May you all enjoy this snack as much as I have over the years.

. . . /John

6 comments on “My Favorite Snack – recipe.

  1. I have the courage to live in the jungle alone, but I do not think I have the courage to try your not-secret-any-more recipe. Thank goodness I can not buy either peanut butter or dill pickels in the little village where I shop. But I did enjoy a good laugh from this, so thanks, John!

  2. Thank you for commenting Pat. My humor tends to be a British type dry sometimes. It’s nice to know that at least one person got that it was written to make one smile. I was feeling frisky when I wrote it. One can’t be serious all the time.

    . . ./J

  3. I’m not hungry enough for the full version right now, but I’m so tempted by this that I’m seriously considering getting a spoonful of peanut butter and a pickle and eating them simultaneously. So…tempting…

  4. Well . . . The toast part is important. I’ve never tried it without toast. I’m sure it will taste pretty good. This recipe isn’t my normal modus operendi, but I wanted to inject a bit of levity into my normally serious mode of blogging. More serious life changing stuff coming. Thanks for the response Shereen. . ./J

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