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As we walked down Davie St. yesterday, Grace and I passed a tall rather handsome young Asian man walking in the opposite direction with an obvious air of poise and confidence. My experience in life tells me that confidence is often accompanied with arrogance which is a human characteristic that I absolutely abhor. In this case, there was no arrogance and not even a hint of haughtiness.

His eyes were focused on his destination and he was dressed quite nattily with stylish clothes. A very thick gray and white wool scarf was neatly wrapped around his neck as protection from the chilly winter breeze that was sweeping off the nearby ocean water. Who is this man? What is he about? Where is he going? Where has he been? What does he think? So many questions flooded into me. I turned to Grace and said: “nice energy”. she replied: “what do you mean”? I thought for a quick second and responded: “forget it – it’s not important”. I realized that, to explain the statement I made would take far more time than I was prepared to expend.

I’ve been thinking about this and I realized that, for as long as I can remember, I have categorized virtually all lifeforms in terms of the feeling of energy that emanates from them. “Lifeforms” is, basically, anything that exists; humans, animals, insects, rocks, trees. This is not a scientific analysis and I speak only from experience.

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, when I was a young boy, about 4 years old, I accompanied my mother on the long walk to the old trolley station for the weekly grocery shopping trip. The station was virtually surrounded by very tall stately trees with extended branches like arms that created a dome of leaves for protection. As the summer breeze generated a gentle leaf dance high in the sky to my little eyes, the sun flickered through the mottled green canopy creating a magical shower of sparkling light that was mesmerizing, almost hypnotic.  It was a scene like the kind you see in very old oil landscape paintings from the Masters of the Renaissance period.

The memory of that station has been indelibly imprinted in my  memory because of the feeling I had when I was near the trees. It was a protective energy – a feeling that those trees could, and would, protect me from all manner of harm. They were attractive to me. I gravitated to them.  This feeling, so many years later, I never forgot.

Rock has energy too. My attraction is to limestone and granite. Limestone is marble in the making – it is young, soft and in the process of becoming something greater, more beautiful, more solid.  In ancient Egypt, the Great Pyramid of Giza was originally completely encased in glistening white limestone. During that time, the limestone would reflect the sun, thus creating a light source that served as a guide for travelers throughout the region.

Photo by John Archer

Granite is – well – you know, mountains are made of it. The granite has always been there.  It’s got quartz in it. Quartz is an energy storage medium and years ago people used to make “Quartz Chrystal Radios”. The quartz would somehow capture the radio station signal from the atmosphere and you could listen to the radio with a little ear plug. I relate to granite. I like to be around it. It’s a feeling – I can’t explain it. Things are built with granite. When polished it is absolutely beautiful. It has an energy too, you know. It’s an energy you can feel.


The scientists say it can’t be created or destroyed.

Hmmm . . .

(Much, much more on this later . . . energy and creation . . .)

*     *     *

6 comments on “Life Energy 1

  1. You would love Brazil, John. It has rainforests with incredible energy, and crystals everywhere that sing in your hands. The whole country sits on crystals and other gemstones. No wonder there is so much spiritual healing done here. Being able to feel the energy of other forms is a beautiful experience and we can learn much from them. Great article. Looking forward to your next one on this subject!

  2. I know what you mean about feeling the energy of everything around you. I really enjoy picking up other people’s energy, which is one of the reasons for which I love people-watching in town. I get a strong feel for energy from places, too. Great to know that someone else shares the same feelings/intuitions.

  3. i read a book one day called the celestine prophecy, it talks about energy fields and how they interact. its like when a person walks into a room and has that certain energy to them, i think it is actually our auras interacting but i am still trying to make full sense of it to myself. on a more grand scale i beleive it relates to leylines and the earths magnetic field (which is one variation of its percievable aura), this is because when i arrive in certain cities i feel very intense energies, me and my friends have been trying to get a better grasp of this for a while

  4. Thanks for the Comment Ryan.

    Basically, everything is held together with energy, but everything has a different wave length just as radio stations have different wave lengths. You have to tune in. The problem with humans is that our tuning has to come from a feeling – it can’t come from the mind. Feelings come from the heart through the experience of the breath. Because we don’t normally have an awareness of this in our everyday life, we don’t connect. We aren’t on the right wavelength to feel the energies around us. That is why we have to search for a way to be constantly be in touch with our inner self so we can connect with the energies of this incredible world.

    Hope I didn’t lose you here.

    Again – I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    . . ./John

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