The Greatest Gift

Breathing – is the most primordial and sacred act performed by a human being, indeed, all of humanity.

Within this breath lies the path to the heart, the source of life and infinite fulfillment. Intuitively, we know this. BUT to experience this fulfillment, appreciation and gratitude are required. This is the mystery only a few seem to understand. Without this appreciation and gratitude, the mind is at war and thus, the world is at war.

The earths people must learn to appreciate and experience the power of the greatest gift from the greatest giver – the breath.

A river of answers flows from within the infinite realm of the heart. All else holds endless questions. The path to the heart can be found by searching and asking the questions. When the path is found, questions will cease and answers will abound.

Within the river of answers lies true wisdom and endless joy.

Do you have answers or questions?

*     *     *

5 comments on “The Greatest Gift

  1. Pat, my meditation practice which I do, pretty much everyday, brings a stillness of the mind, an all consuming feeling of fulfillment and an experience of powerful energy within my breath. In this exquisite state, there is just answers – everything is perfect – no questions – no wondering. At least that is my experience and from my one hour of daily practice, the rest of my day goes quite wonderfully. I guess some people just think this is not possible and are skeptical. It IS possible. It is my own experience. Thanks for your comments, Pat. They are much appreciated and enjoyed.

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