6 comments on “Eliza Doolittle: Pack Up

  1. So, I pretty much suck at keeping up with new music. My playlist hasn’t changed much since college. But after listening to this song, I started listening to the rest of her songs . . . and well, love her! So thanks for introducing me to some great new music!

    • You’re welcome Dayle. I don’t really keep up with the latest, but I ran across this on someone elses blog. Can’t even remember where. Anyway – I just really like happy music and this young lady has a great voice. This song is a keeper.
      Thanks for visiting.
      . . ./John

  2. I’ve been playing this song like crazy and now my 6 year old daughter is just loving it too! The other day she says, “She’s singing about a message.” . . . I asked her what the message was and she said, “That you shouldn’t care what people say about you and you should just be happy.”

    Love it 🙂

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