My Rocket Ship

The color blue comes in many shades and hues. It is very much affected by red in the direction of purple and by yellow in the direction of green. Depending on my mood, I tend to favor one or the other but, in any case, blue is my favourite of all the colors. I usually favor the green-blue hues unless I am feeling very spiritual, in which case I favor the more purple direction of blue.

When I was very young, perhaps about 4 or 5 years old, my father bought an old inboard motor boat, put it in the garage of our little home and proceeded to rebuild it to make it seaworthy (or at least lake worthy). The details of this boat are not germane to this story, but the color he painted it is of extreme importance. He purchased a large 1 gallon pail of the most incredible color of deep blue shiny enamel marine paint for his boat. To this day I remember the maiden voyage of this little boat on the Fraser river near where we lived. I felt very proud to be out with my father in his completed boat project with the shiny blue paint. This was heaven.

The unused can of paint sat in the garage for many long months and all this time, I knew the rest of this paint was waiting specifically for me to use. I also knew, when the time came, I would know exactly what to do with it.

One day I found, in a kids magazine, the plans and directions on how to build your own personal rocket ship. I became fascinated with the idea of a rocket ship that could take me travelling  through space. The concept of time was not yet in my consciousness. For me, the rocket ship was a ticket to the stars and the other end of the galaxy. My rocket ship would get me there any time I pleased.

During the next few days I searched out the components for my project. If certain things weren’t available, I would make do with something close. A long cylinder cardboard tube for the main fuselage, heavy cardboard pieces cut from a box for the tale wings. I found a plastic cone for the nose somewhere. Here and there, a little bit of tape and glue was applied very carefully. Eventually I completed the project except for the paint. This was the most important part and, in many ways, the real motivation for the rocket project.

I remember very distinctly the day I opened the paint can, small brush in hand, and proceeded to cover my rocket ship with this most incredible color of shiny blue paint with the greenish tinge.

When the paint was dry, I knew exactly what to do with my completed rocket ship. It sat on my dresser for a very long time. Every night when I went to bed, there it was. Shiny. Ready for exploring the heavens. It just felt so good to have my own rocket ship.

Dear reader, I apologize for not giving you a picture of my blue rocket ship because, like so many things in life, somewhere in the mists of time, it has disappeared.

Be like a little child, if you will, and imagine what it looked like. Then you too, can travel to the stars.

*     *     *

4 comments on “My Rocket Ship

  1. You’re right, she’s a beauty, and looks darn nice sit’n there on the dresser. Blue’s not my favorite color, but it’s a very close second, especially this shade. Thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by. I wrote “the rocket ship” for no good reason at all. It just came to me so I wrote. Sometimes that’s the best way. Funny how, sometimes, gems come to you out of the distant past.

  2. So important that kids have dreams. The other day, I asked the children what were their dream of the future. Not one of them seemed to have ever given this a thought. They all come from very dysfunction, often, violent homes so I asked them if they could do one thing to make life better for their family, what would they do. Most said, “buy a mansion” or “buy a car.” Sad comment on what values these children have learned. Your rocket ship dream is so beautiful, John, thanks for sharing it with us. Hugs, pat

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