King Of The World

I am the King of the World. The power of my every thought transforms the atoms of the earthly realms and molds my manifested existence. Creation is my specialty. The Universe serves my every wish. My dreams come true. Elevated, are those who feel my aura. The power of my heartfelt experience of Joy, Love and Fulfillment permeates the air I breathe. Darkness shrinks at a glimpse of my light. Danger flees from me. My adventure never ends and, moment to moment,  is ever changing. I fly in my dreams and float when awake. Wherever I am, there within, is my true home and my best friend – always bringing peace and love to my existence. I am never alone. I am the luckiest man alive – for I am the King of the World!

*     *     *

5 comments on “King Of The World

  1. Woke up this morning and there it was – took about 3 minutes to write this. Had a very vivid dream about running a marathon. (Never done that in real like). What an incredible adventure this life is. Hope you like this article because it is about YOU. . .
    . . ./John

  2. Our writing tends to reflect our experience in life Mapelba. Your post was actually quite positive because your innocence and longing for a better life came through loud and clear. Never give up on dreams. I believe that, eventually, they will all come true. Our creator seems to have its own timetable.

  3. Give me a button that says “Yeah!” as “like” is too mild. John, if you can convince everyone that these words are absolutely true, our work is done. Shout them from the housetops! Keep writing, John, you are sending it out there! Hugs, pat

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