Water’s Journey

Water transformed,

rises from ocean,

unseen to dwell in ethers.

Time in heavens unseen world,

she, transformed again,

luminescent, descends.

With open arms,

Earth absorbs, nurtures.

Longing, searching;

where is home?

Where is ocean?

Shivery snow,

iridescent ice,

lake, freshwater rest,

trickling stream,

raging rivers,



seeking ocean.

Home again!

4 comments on “Water’s Journey

  1. This brings me joy…. in the reading, in the flow and rhythm, in the paths it sends me down. I’ve read a lot of poetry recently, (once I realized I was a poet), and this is easily one of my favorites. Thank you!

    • Thank you my friend. I really wasn’t sure whether anyone would like this at all. It’s quite simple. Sometimes things come to you and you just have to write – with no analysis – just write.

  2. Wonderful, just wonderful, John. Do write more poetry for us. I love this! And isn’t the picture perfect for it. Sending a blue ribbon and big hug, love, too, pat

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