I’m Addicted – Please Help

Some say the supreme joy, in life, can be found through transcendence to the higher realms of consciousness. Some say the ultimate joy in life can be found through the accumulation of gobs of money. Some say the best in life can be found through a peaceful life of service to humanity.

I don’t know the truth of these, but what I do know is that my morning cup of espresso is so satisfying to me that I fear I may have a serious addiction.

Let me digress. I have been drinking coffee since I was 16 years old. I have gone through all the phases that coffee drinkers experience: homemade percolator coffee, restaurant coffee, Starbucks Americano, Canadiano, espresso . . . You name it – I’ve tried it.

At this stage in my life, I have settled for the ultimate cup of coffee: A long espresso made on my own at-home Starbucks Espresso machine with 1 spoon of sugar, cream and the one additional ingredient that is to die for – a very small taster shot of Amaretto. The sugar, cream and Amaretto must be preheated in a bowl of very hot water prior to adding the coffee from the machine. (don’t preheat in the microwave). I like my coffee HOT!

Throughout all these years one thing has remained constant: my constant need for sugar and cream in my coffee. I can handle it without the cream but the sugar . . .

Here is my problem. I’m at an age where I think I should take better care of my health to ensure a happy long life. It’s not that the coffee is so bad for me – it’s the sugar! Even the cream isn’t that bad for me and the Amaretto – well – a little once in a while won’t hurt you. I have given up coffee MANY times during my life: sometimes for up to six months. Imagine -6 months without coffee. Then, and it always happens like this, I think “Oh a little coffee would taste so good – think I’ll try it”. One sip and I’m hooked for a few more years. Isn’t this the sign of a serious addiction?

They say sugar is a killer.

So dear reader. do you have any suggestions for how to deal with my addiction to SUGAR. I’ve tried coffee without it – tastes awful to me. Should I just give up the coffee altogether or is there an alternative that will give me my morning HIT?

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6 comments on “I’m Addicted – Please Help

  1. I would be willing to bet that the worry you have over putting a teaspoon of sugar in your coffee (unless you are drinking a ton of coffee) will do more harm than the sugar. Unless you are feeling fatigued from the sugar, i.e.,”sugar blues,” are diabetic and have to eliminate sugar, etc. why not just enjoy the coffee as you like it. Besides you live in a city. If you need a worry…try air pollution, buses running over you, getting mugged, working too hard to pay the high prices in a city, etc. If the worst thing you do for your health is put a spoonful of sugar in a cup of coffee, you are well ahead of the rest of us! 🙂 love you! pat

    • WordPress should have a “like” button for comments, just like FB. Thanks Pat. Yes – it’s only one cup in the morning. Sometimes 2 – never 3. Then sometimes another after work. Then maybe one in the evening. So the range is 1-4, but usually 1-2 per day.

  2. I’m not a longevity expert, but I don’t think that the sugar in the coffee will significantly impact your health. From what you write, I assume you are not eating donuts for breakfast and chicken-fried steak for lunch.

    Life is a trade off. I mean, I do reasonable things to stay healthy and safe. But I also do things to bring happiness to my day. Every Tuesday night I have a latte at my favorite coffee shop. And when I go to a birthday party with my son, I say yes to the cake.

    I try to balance the indulgence with the wisdom.

    Enjoy the espresso. Sounds wonderful.

  3. John, if you really want to decrease the sugar … you might try:
    Start with a few granules less of sugar than you are using now (not enough for you to be able to tell) … then after a couple/few days … go without a few more granules … take as long as you need with the process. One of two things will occur … either you will work down to none … or you will end up using less. If you do it gradually, you won’t notice, and your taste buds will adjust accordingly! As a RD, this is what I would recommend for my clients – unless there is a health issue that needs immediate addressing. It is more important what you are doing a year from now!

    • Thanks Becca – no health issues. Good advice – I’ll give it a try – one grain at a time. Two cups a day = 780 grains in a year. That’s probably a whole spoonful in a year . . .

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