Arizona Sonora Desert Tour

We spent a few days in Scottsdale in May, 2011. If you ever go there, you must take a guided desert tour. The desert is an unforgiving environment and the 1/2 day tour was very hot, very interesting and very educational. I took a few pictures and put them into a video. The blue scarfs have been dipped in ice-water and help to keep you cool in the 100+F degree desert air. The fellow with the hat and six-gun on his belt was our guide.

*     *     *


2 comments on “Arizona Sonora Desert Tour

  1. Great post John! I love the desert. If Arizona had an ocean, I could easily live there. I like to ride my motorcycle into the Anza Borrego desert. It’s nice to spend a few quiet hours hearing the breeze blowing through the trees where there is water, and watching the life of the desert. They’re hard to spot, but if you’re quiet, like the landscape, and sit still, you’d be amazed at what you can see. The desert in spring after heavy winter rains is a riot of flowers and color. 🙂

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