Love from the Universe

. . . the world is full of love coming your way . . . be ready.

Image: nuttakit /

Image: nuttakit /

This is a little story of a mundane daily activity that describes how the universe talks to us. For some it may resonate; for some, it may not. It all depends how you look at life. The joyful little happenings are always their for us but we have to be conscious enough to recognize and appreciate them as they arise.

Some may remember a cute story I wrote about two years ago entitled “Sammy the Barber“. Well sadly, for me, Sammy moved away and I had to find a new barber. It wasn’t so much that he was the best barber in town, but I really enjoyed his company for the 20 minutes I spent in the chair every month.

In Vancouver, an International city melded with many diverse cultures, there are many places you can get your hair cut but Grace, being a Shanghai lady, insisted I find the cheapest place I could find.

There is a lot of competition in my area for hair-cutting dollars and it happened, about a month ago, that I passed by a small shop on Denman Street with a sandwich board on the sidewalk that said: “Haircuts $10.00”. Now, I don’t always follow Graces advice, but, out of respect, I try to let her influence the little decisions while I, being the man of the family, try to influence the big decisions. As this was a little decision, I thought this would definitely fit into her criteria for my new barber so I reluctantly, and with much reservation, decided to give them a try.

As I entered the small shop, I realized the two men and the woman were of Persian extraction which was much to my liking because my car mechanic is a young Persian man and he has always looked after me with the utmost integrity. I was immediately beginning to feel comfortable with the situation.

The young hair-cutter lady was pretty, but very shy – perhaps because English was not her first language. She was just finishing with another customer and motioned for me to come and sit. As she began to cut, I realized she had an entirely different method of cutting hair than what I was used to with Sammy. I had my reservations, but she was very sweet and polite so I let her continue without a word. When she was finished, to say the least, I was a happy man. It was a wonderful haircut and I gave her $20 which is what I normally gave Sammy.

Today, I needed another haircut so I went up to the shop, which is just a few blocks away, but she wasn’t there. I went inside and asked the man behind the cash register where the lady was. He said it was her day off and she would be in at 9:00 o’clock tomorrow morning. This was music to my ears and I told him I really liked the way she cut my hair the last time and I would come back tomorrow.

As I was about to leave, I turned to him and said “by the way, what is her name?”

“Oh”, he replied, “. . . her name is Sami.”

*     *     *


One comment on “Love from the Universe

  1. I love this!
    Things like this happen to me with increasing daily frequency, and it’s wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing, John.

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