This blog is a reflection of who I really am. Constantly under development, it reflects the principles that are the foundation of my life. Please look around – check out the links, the recent blogs and my Music Videos. I want to do my part in making this a better world to live in. In the meantime if I can enlighten your day, then I’ve achieved my goal.

My inspiration to create this blog came from my regular visits to the site Words of Peace Global where I can enjoy the International talks of Prem Rawat (Maharaji).

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7 comments on “About

  1. John, I just read the-real-camille apology letter; and was so happy to read your response. Among all the others, yours really stood out as true, sincere, and humane. The voice of reason. Thank-you for sharing your wisdom at this time. I don’t know Camille- but I have been observing with growing concern the public reaction towards the ‘rioters’. I’m sure you will continue to share you message of kindness to those fortunate to meet with you. Cheers, Andrea.

    • Thanks Andrea. Reason is very good in these troubled times. I don’t condone what this girl did, but I applaud her attempt to apologize to the people of Vancouver. It wasn’t a perfect apology, but, who cares about that. The fact is, she responded in a positive caring way and I believe she has learned some very valuable life lessons as a result of this. I also believe, in her heart, that she was very sincere, even if her apology was less that perfect. That is the only thing that is important. None of us can profess perfection. Thanks for taking the trouble to respond Andrea. . . /J

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