14 Minutes of Sweetness

My Friend Eduardo Del Signore posted a very sweet music link on Facebook today.Clarinet

This is a classical piece composed by his friend JohnTerryl Plumeri, Plumeri – Romance for Clarinet, for clarinet, strings and harp. The clarinetist is Robert Fitzer and the harpist Gayle Levant. Featured on WGBH Boston. This peace is pure beauty.

We often think of classical music being 100s of years old, Beethoven, Mozart, etc. This is a modern piece and very beautiful.

I’ve been through every musical interest possible. Classical, Country, Folk, Rock, Jazz – you name it. I got away from the classical stuff years ago, but I particularly enjoyed this not only because of it’s obvious sweetness, but also because when I was much younger, I played clarinet in a small jazz band and actually made a bit of money from it.

Here’s the link – hope you enjoy it: WGBH Boston

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