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Life is change. Without change, the adventure called life would be very dull.DSC_9591 RTZ Crop 2x1 w1400 GMP

When the heart is open and searching for peace, life will present us with circumstances which, while sometimes painful and challenging, have the ultimate purpose to transition us onto the life path that will, in the end, bring the most satisfaction.

It is the challenge that is almost always difficult because it requires us to abandon old concepts, erroneous beliefs and destructive habits that are not aligned with our hearts inner longing for peace.

When our mind tells us to seek fulfillment through relationships or possessions, the heart knows better and guides us to circumstances where, ultimately, we realize that everything we seek is within our own self.

In the end, all we really have is the experience of the power in our own breath which keeps us alive and which, for every living moment, we can experience gratitude. For me, this is the simple secret of a life overflowing with fulfillment.

May your life be filled with love, peace, fulfillment and wonder!

Love from the Universe

. . . the world is full of love coming your way . . . be ready.

Image: nuttakit /

Image: nuttakit /

This is a little story of a mundane daily activity that describes how the universe talks to us. For some it may resonate; for some, it may not. It all depends how you look at life. The joyful little happenings are always their for us but we have to be conscious enough to recognize and appreciate them as they arise.

Some may remember a cute story I wrote about two years ago entitled “Sammy the Barber“. Well sadly, for me, Sammy moved away and I had to find a new barber. It wasn’t so much that he was the best barber in town, but I really enjoyed his company for the 20 minutes I spent in the chair every month.

In Vancouver, an International city melded with many diverse cultures, there are many places you can get your hair cut but Grace, being a Shanghai lady, insisted I find the cheapest place I could find.

There is a lot of competition in my area for hair-cutting dollars and it happened, about a month ago, that I passed by a small shop on Denman Street with a sandwich board on the sidewalk that said: “Haircuts $10.00”. Now, I don’t always follow Graces advice, but, out of respect, I try to let her influence the little decisions while I, being the man of the family, try to influence the big decisions. As this was a little decision, I thought this would definitely fit into her criteria for my new barber so I reluctantly, and with much reservation, decided to give them a try.

As I entered the small shop, I realized the two men and the woman were of Persian extraction which was much to my liking because my car mechanic is a young Persian man and he has always looked after me with the utmost integrity. I was immediately beginning to feel comfortable with the situation.

The young hair-cutter lady was pretty, but very shy – perhaps because English was not her first language. She was just finishing with another customer and motioned for me to come and sit. As she began to cut, I realized she had an entirely different method of cutting hair than what I was used to with Sammy. I had my reservations, but she was very sweet and polite so I let her continue without a word. When she was finished, to say the least, I was a happy man. It was a wonderful haircut and I gave her $20 which is what I normally gave Sammy.

Today, I needed another haircut so I went up to the shop, which is just a few blocks away, but she wasn’t there. I went inside and asked the man behind the cash register where the lady was. He said it was her day off and she would be in at 9:00 o’clock tomorrow morning. This was music to my ears and I told him I really liked the way she cut my hair the last time and I would come back tomorrow.

As I was about to leave, I turned to him and said “by the way, what is her name?”

“Oh”, he replied, “. . . her name is Sami.”

*     *     *


Pay It Forward – at McDonalds

The stories don’t get much better than this.

A close friend, currently dealing with many personal challenges in his life, called me early this morning, quite excitedly, after getting his morning coffee from the local McDonald’s drive-thru. He wanted to tell me about a wonderful event that had just restored his faith in human beings.

It was 6:00am, he was second in the McDonald’s drive-thru line and just a little bleary-eyed as he watched the elderly lady in the white Buick ahead of him make her purchase. After receiving here bag of morning goodies, he watched as she handed the cashier a five dollar bill and then drove off. He thought to himself: “that was a rather large tip to give the cashier for such a small purchase”.

He moved his car ahead and when he went to place his order at the window, the cashier behind the counter said: “you won’t believe this, but that lady in the white car just gave me some money to pay for your breakfast – what would you like to order”. My friend was flabbergasted and found it difficult to hold back the tears as he ordered his morning coffee. Needless to say, it made his day and, for the rest of his life, he will probably never forget what happened.

Enough said.Pay it Forward

This world will be enlightened and transformed when this kind of action ceases to become an isolated random act and, instead, becomes a part of our normal daily activity.

. . . by John Archer

Reprinted From: Vancouver-City of Peace

*     *     *

New Directions

For Gigi . . .

New DirectionOn this beautiful Earth it is now a time of great transition and evolution. We are each given what is required for us to move on in the correct direction.

For the pure in heart, difficulties turn into blessings with the realization that the only true lifelong friend we have is our own breath and inner heartfelt love that transcends all adversity. When we consciously acknowledge this inner friend we prepare ourselves for the rest of our life journey that we know we must take. When we discover that inner peace, our true friend, the journey is one of blissful joy filled with gratitude for the life we have been given.

Hang in there. I have a feeling you are destined for much greater things. Keep close to you those for whom you have great respect and let the others slowly fade into the past as you merge with the lightness of your own being.

In this existence of infinite possibilities, all dreams can come true.

.  .  ./J

*      *      *

Ghosts From The Past

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Ghosts from the past haunt us like shadows of darkness, appearing unexpectedly at the most inopportune times. With fluid tears, in a river of sorrow, we wash away the presence of the past and strive to live in today, in the moment, as our energy is renewed with each new breath.

Dark familial history is the most difficult, but, again, with each life giving breath we move forward, enjoying each moment and appreciating the gifts of life and earth we have been given. What grace it is to have this appreciation.

Gaze not on the shadows, but on the light of your true being. To feel the power of Love and Gratitude is the source of our lifelong joy.

*     *     *

Mastering Life On Earth

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From the very beginning, when souls first chose to incarnate and pursue the pleasures of this beautiful Earth, the battle has waged between the crassness of the wandering mind and the supreme joy that comes from appreciating life through consciousness of the energy which is the source of our own breath. This is real freedom. To know truth is freedom.

Throughout history, on every level of human endeavor, the catalysts of greed and power have caused ceaseless competition and wars among human societies. Through our fears and insecurities, the tangled webs we weave in our lives securely bind us to our own ignorance. We search and find answers only to find they are temporary and unsustainable.

There have always been Masters; some known to only a few and some known to many. They have always come to teach the forgotten Knowledge of how to truly enjoy and appreciate this Heaven we call Earth. The practice of this Knowledge creates an experience of life where questions cease and answers come in an endless stream. The Masters come to release us from the pain of our own ignorance. Those students, who have had ears to hear, listened and learned. Others have ignored these noble souls and founded religions after their death, for most religions are based upon the life and death of a past Master.

Masters do not come to form religions. They come as Teachers of the ultimate Knowledge of how to experience the Peace and Harmony that has always resided within us. Recognition of a Living Master is truly a blessing in ones life. It is also the most confronting, because the living Master teaches and inspires in the present.

Humans, Masters, Religions and Societies are all born and die. This is the nature of existence on Earth. The challenge of the human being is to learn and practice the secret of experiencing, moment to moment, the energy that is the essence of our life. Through this practice we are released from the misery of our own ignorance and enter into the understanding of whom and what we truly are. This understanding is the gate that opens to Heaven on Earth – while we are alive.

*     *     *

A Readers Question about Prem Rawat

From a reader:

I am doing a lot of research on Prem Rawat himself to collect some information. I am surprised to see that a lot of information on Prem Rawat is not very flattering. Could you shed some light on this please? . . ./Thanks

Prem Rawat

Dear Reader,

I will shed what light I can from my personal experience.

One can never judge someone through another’s eyes. People sometimes say unflattering things about me and they have their personal reasons for viewing me so. I can only request that I be judged by my own actions and not the words of others. They have their own path to travel and I have mine. As my father once said: “you have to march to your own drummer”. What he meant was that you can’t take the low road based upon the views of others, but must take the high road based upon your own inner instincts.

Personally, I try to judge no one but accept others into my life based only upon how they treat me personally.

Many decades ago, I made a decision to take the path of the heart. I knew from a very young age that this was my path. I could feel it inside. It guided and protected me through my teen years and into my early twenties when I knew a decision would be made. It happened when I was 26 years old.

My decision was to accept and practice the Techniques of Knowledge that Prem Rawat showed me.

Knowing is the opposite of Believing. The whole world believes but no one really knows. All the religions are based upon one belief or another. Through this practice I was shown, I found my answers from within. The questions began to cease and the beliefs were no longer necessary. I could now see life through the lens of the heart.

He was known as Maharaji  and even then, people were criticizing him, as they do now. Now they have the internet as their tool. There will probably always be people who will criticize and slander.

This man showed me a way to experience a personal Peace in my life. For this, I have the greatest appreciation and gratitude.

I hope this helps.

What a most incredible and wonderful life we have been given.

*     *     *

From Hiroshima to Fukushima

Professor Anthony J Hall, Alberta, Canada

As I pause from my mundane daily concerns and listen to people like Dr. Anthony Hall in the two videos below, I realize the enormity of the global changes that are about to take place in our lifetime. Increased consciousness and awareness of the global citizenry is crucial at this most important period in the history of the Earth.

As the drug dealers kill each other in their battles for turf and the bankers find new secret ways to maximize their wealthy power, the state of this beautiful earth we all live on is being severely compromised by the unconscious activities of the politicians and sundry leaders in whom we place our trust.

It is time for us all to sincerely appreciate the sanctity of the incredible life here that we have been given.

We must each find our own Personal Peace and spread that light to those within our realm – this is the only way to create the heaven on Earth that we all seek.

*   *   *

Please watch these videos with an open mind and realize that life on Earth is going to change drastically over the coming decades.



Moonlight and Darkness

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Moon overhead

reflects sun’s light,

day and night,

but moon is only clear

as darkness descends.

Light shines brightest

when darkness is intense.

For those who sincerely seek,

True Knowledge is here.

When the student is ready,

the teacher will come.

Pursue Virtue, Freedom or Truth?

When the Truth of our Existence is experienced within our heart and life giving breath, then Virtue andFreedom will take care of themselves as a natural consequence of the Inner Experience of The Truth. The Universal Truth is the inner experience of the power of creation or, to put it simply: the experience of LOVE!

Freedom is not something we can be denied. It is not something anyone can take from us. It is part of the inner experience of the Truth. It is already within us. We need only choose to experience it. Unfortunately, most do not make that choice because they live in fear and fear is a barrier to Freedom. Most people will tell you they have no freedom because they live in fear.

Take, for instance, the power of a lone Border Collie to control the movement of a whole flock of sheep. There may be hundreds of sheep in the flock, but because of FEAR, the whole flock submit to the command of the dog. Humans react the same way when consumed with fear. Notice how easily this small Border Collie pup is able to control a whole flock of sheep:

Few people sincerely seek the truth. For this reason, control over society has been easily accomplished by certain powerful factions. What really happened in New York City on 9/11/01? The truth is available for all to see, but the mass of people are not interested in the Truth. That is why change in society comes so stubbornly slowly. In the same way; we all have the Truth within us, but most aren’t interested.

I am aware of inmates in Prisons who experience that Truth within . They are free and in Peace, even though they are locked behind bars.

Heartfelt love is the ultimate source of unity and peace among humans. No power or control is required – unity is automatic because the entire universe exists in unity and Love is the source of this unity. Seek only the experience of LOVE and nothing else will be required. Not power, not freedom, not virtue, not unity. Within the experience of Love lies the ultimate Peace. Ultimately, that is what everyone seeks.

The pursuit of truth is far more important than the pursuit of Virtue or Freedom. If one is not interested in pursuing Truth, then the pursuit of Virtue would be a wise alternative but the pursuit of virtue is, in fact, a component of the pursuit of Inner Knowledge of Truth. Otherwise, why be virtuous?

Find the path to the source of your breath and their you will find the ultimate experience of Truth, Harmony and Inner Peace.

Self Knowledge is the Key.

*     *     *

The Greatest Miracle

I was caught in a downpour of rain today. The sky was thick, dark and foreboding. The water poured down in a torrent as if some invisible force had unzipped the bottom of the clouds. My clothes were soaked to my skin and, as I dashed from the house to my car, I had a serendipitous realization about life here on Earth.

As I sat in my car, drenched, my awareness was flooded with the absolute miraculousness of the process of water falling from the sky. In a way, it doesn’t seem possible. One day the skies are clear blue with warm shining sunlight and the next day water is descending and drenching from these wispy ever-changing floating objects that blot out the Sun. The cycle occurs all over the Earth and never stops. Water from the ocean rises, magically, to the sky, moves over the land, sprinkles down on the Earth and then flows endlessly through the river system back to the sea. It is an amazing system and without this process, life on Earth, as we know it, would not exist.

Earth, Air, Water and Light are all here for us to experience. Without even one of these, our life would not be. We humans breath in air, utilize the oxygen and expel carbon dioxide from our bodies. We also create this carbon dioxide via our various other activities such as the burning of fossil fuels. To counter these activities, the Earth is covered with vegetation which converts the carbon dioxide back to oxygen – the life giving part of the air that we breath.

These examples of life on Earth are the proverbial “tip of the iceburg”.

Imagine you have the opportunity to give up your body and become a minuscule spark of light-energy imbued with conscious awareness. You are confined to Earth, but you exist, also, in another dimension and have the ability, with a mere thought, to appear anywhere on Earth you wish. Think of the possibilities. No body to confine you. No gravity to hold you down. No physical pain and you would have the ability to experience the Earth as you always dreamed.

As they say, be careful what you wish for. There is a problem with this scenario. You would not have the ability to experience the miracle of life here. You couldn’t feel the wetness of the rain on your skin. You couldn’t experience the incredible feeling of air entering and exiting your body as your breath keeps you alive. You couldn’t enjoy the feeling of a warm embrace with someone you love.

My realization was firstly an experience of amazement but secondly, and more important, an experience and feeling of intense gratitude for the opportunity of human life that I have been given. I felt blessed.

The Earth has its systems and processes, but my human life and my ability to feel it all through this human body was cause for a deep feeling of awe, humility and thankfulness for my life. Our human existence is the greatest miracle of all. Without it, life just wouldn’t be the same.


Happiness: That indescribably wonderful incredible feeling of fulfillment, within, that swells up from the heart when we are connected to the power of our breath with a feeling of appreciation and gratitude for the life that we have been given. More commonly known as love. With that feeling, everything is right with the world and our soul is in peace.

*     *     *

Failure Does Not Exist

The only way to fail in your life is to end it.

Failure does not exist – only learning exists.

Things don’t always turn out the way we want, but that is the nature of this life adventure. I have no desire to become a ballerina or rocket scientist because that is not my capability. In my journey, I follow the feeling and guidance of my heart to achieve that which is fulfilling. This journey always takes me to unexpected places.

Banish the word failure and follow your dreams. All is possible. The universe is infinite and has the capacity to fulfill all your dreams and aspirations.

Know that your ability to appreciate the beauty of an ocean sunset makes you a success. Know that your ability to appreciate the music of the songbird makes you a success. Know that your ability to appreciate the soft caress of a lover makes you a success. You are a breathing, feeling, loving human.

If you are breathing you are succeeding. Be content in the awareness, appreciation and gratitude for the life you have been given. That is the secret to inner peace and contentment – the only success we really need

*     *     *

Water’s Journey

Water transformed,

rises from ocean,

unseen to dwell in ethers.

Time in heavens unseen world,

she, transformed again,

luminescent, descends.

With open arms,

Earth absorbs, nurtures.

Longing, searching;

where is home?

Where is ocean?

Shivery snow,

iridescent ice,

lake, freshwater rest,

trickling stream,

raging rivers,



seeking ocean.

Home again!

The Power of Love

Sasha asks: “Why only talk about ‘love’? There are so many other important things in the world like descrimination, racism, planet in danger, etc… “

Here’s why we talk about Love.

Within every human – two forces exist. Every moment of every day, as the gentle waves of the ocean surf sooth our searching soul, the waves of our life-giving breath gently whisper a simple request for our attention, but we do not notice. Instead, we succumb to our demanding, all consuming thought generating mind. Most of us have no control over either our breath or our mind.

Pay no attention to the mind. Experience the power of the breath, every moment of every day for this is the experience of true love. This power is infinite love, peace, joy, gratitude and, ultimately, complete human fulfillment.

True love is within, self sufficient – the ultimate divine experience. Love permeates every pore of our body. It is the foundation of our temple of life. Generated from gratitude and appreciation, love is the miracle of life. It overwhelms the mind and consumes all thought. An ocean of freedom, fulfillment and joy is found in a single drop of love. It is the solution to all problems. Love is the only truth. All else is illusion. Love conquers all.

Love has nothing to do with another person or an external object, but the gathering of humans who experience love within is, truly, a joyous occasion. A couple; a master and student, a group gathering of any kind; these are all incredibly wonderful relationships when based upon true love. True love is the feeling in the heart free and independent of the outside world and independent of others in our life.

There are only two ways to live life. In love or without love. In life in love everything is a miracle. In life without love nothing is a miracle.

My breath is a miracle. It sustains my life every moment. My life is a miracle. So, all life is a miracle. Love is the miracle of miracles. Love is the experience of Heaven on Earth.

*      *      *

My Marathon

Running Woods PathI had a sleeping dream and when I awoke, unusually, I remembered every little detail and emotion of it. To express the powerful feelings the dream evoked in me, it seemed appropriate to use the poetry form. This is the first time I’ve done this for many years. Hope you like it. . .

I ran a marathon.
Just me and my path.

Shifting, twisting, weaving,
woods and streams surround.
Up, over, down and ’round.
Earth rises to meet my sole.
Heart beating, breath heaving,
blood pulsing, protecting, energizing.

Feeling whole.

Power within, light, lighting.
Skin sweating, body heating,
muscles tingling, arms reaching.
Legs stretching, thighs pounding.
Step by step – elation, creation,
freedom fluidly flowing.

The rise of hill the crest and fall.
Running, falling, gravity pulling,
legs solidly meeting the call.
Dodging obstacles, pathway blocked,
fallen trees, no penetration, consternation.

Space, a space – a very small space.
Can’t fit – coming through – transformation.
Pure energy, flying freely flowing
seeing, through clean pure air,
between dark limbs with leaves in place.

Flying, flying, flying . . .

Transformed again to matter dense.
Destination coming, evaluating.
Anticipation, round the turn,
behind the fence, crowd, waiting, cheering.
Winners kiss, feeling, smiling.

Feeling proud – now awaken.
Dream is done, marathon won.
Gratitude – affirmation, appreciation.

Soul power, breath within,
beating heart, energy flowing.
Freedom reigns with love and light.
New day dawning – future’s bright.

King Of The World

I am the King of the World. The power of my every thought transforms the atoms of the earthly realms and molds my manifested existence. Creation is my specialty. The Universe serves my every wish. My dreams come true. Elevated, are those who feel my aura. The power of my heartfelt experience of Joy, Love and Fulfillment permeates the air I breathe. Darkness shrinks at a glimpse of my light. Danger flees from me. My adventure never ends and, moment to moment,  is ever changing. I fly in my dreams and float when awake. Wherever I am, there within, is my true home and my best friend – always bringing peace and love to my existence. I am never alone. I am the luckiest man alive – for I am the King of the World!

*     *     *

Life’s Magic – The Knife and the G3

Chapter 1

The Fathers True Story of the Knife

In ancient days, when you were too young to join the Boy Scouts, you had to be a Cub Scout. This was for little boys between the ages of 7 and 11. Can you believe, as old as I am, I still remember Lorne Broomfield, the name of my “Sixer”? He was at least a few years older that me and the leader of our Six-Pack, the Wolverines. They really did call it a “Six-Pack”.

I was very proud to be a Wolverine and I absolutely idolized Lorne Broomfield.  Lorne’s green uniform had that worn-out-look, undoubtedly, from years of camping out in the forest and I had a brand new crisp uniform which made me feel completely insecure. No one ever wants to be first and no one wants to be a neophyte. It wasn’t jealousy I felt, but, I guess, a little bit of envy as I often watched Lorne pull out the gleaming steel, well used, official scout knife from its leather sheath attached to his belt. This knife, for me, was the ultimate symbol that you had “arrived” as a Scout.

Every year we went on an overnight camping trip. We learned to pitch a tent, make things, tie knots and cook on an open fire. It was on my first camping trip that an very incredible event happened – a simple event but, nonetheless, very magical. The campsite was located out in the wilderness were the wild animals roamed – beaver, skunks, eagles, mountain lions and even bears. One had to have a knife to protect ones self. The first day of my first camp we arrived late in the morning after a long drive. The orientation and rules were laid out and once we had pitched our tents and made everything ready for the weekend, we were free to roam. Ah – freedom. We climbed trees, looked for eagles in the sky, quietly listened for mountain lions or bears at the edge of the woods. It was all very exhilarating.

And then it happened – miracle of miracles. I’ve always been a bit of a loner. That afternoon, late, just before the sun was about to set, I was walking  through the long tall grass that lined the forest edge and stepped on something under the grass that caused my ankle to turn slightly. At first I thought it was a rock but it seemed to have a very strange shape.

I sat down on the ground and pulled the grass apart to see what it was. There, just for me, a gift from above, a real official Boy Scout knife, well used and scratched up just as I would want it to be. Now this was a miracle enough, but the clincher that told me I was to never tell anyone where I got my new knife was the fact that, there, on the face of the leather sheath were carved the intials “J.A.”. My initials. Finally I had arrived as a Cub Scout. Eventually, when I was older, I joined the Boy Scouts and with me, by my side attached to my belt, was my official Boy Scout Knife – my knife – given to me as a gift.

Chapter 2

The Fathers True Story About the Son

Very old souls often come into this modern world with heightened intelligence and wisdom. They come for a particular reason with a particular mission in life. Often, that mission is a simple one and something only understood by them. It is not always evident to other people and is almost always not what people expect. Very old souls, who are often very childlike in their nature, also tend to get looked after by the Laws of Nature.

My Son is a very intelligent human being and, in my opinion, a very old soul. He also has a radically alternative view of life. He is much like his father. He is not particularly motivated by money or creature comforts. He only wants the basics in life. The basics for him are a comfortable place to sleep, good close loving friends, the best musical instruments money can buy, musicians to play with, enough money to go to the odd Rock Concert, a regular bottle of beer, and a bicycle to get from point “A” to point “B” . For him, the beer part is imbibed at the local pub on a regular basis. This has been the case for many, many years, much to his Fathers consternation.

His friends have often joked about his Comfort Zone being a circular radius of two miles from his home. I disagree with his friends. I believe the truth of the matter is that his comfort zone is more like one mile from his home.

Nevertheless, his life has been quite satisfying for him, if not somewhat restricted.

Life has a way of getting what it thinks is best for you. After all, the reason for existence here on Earth is to enjoy our life here to the fullest. Sometimes when we don’t do that, events happen, Magical events. The Magic of Life, if you will.

Elevated transportation methods are most efficient and enable a human being to expand ones horizons and tend to increase the level of adventure that life has to offer. An increased level of adventure, tends to increase one’s level of enjoyment, awareness and consciousness.

My Son, recently, was enjoying his favorite beer at his favorite pub, with his favorite friends, cheering on his favorite Hockey Team, The Vancouver Canucks, who incidentally won the game. As they often do at this type of an event, they had a draw for a prize. You have to pay to enter the draw, which I assume he did. The draw, in this case, was to pick out an envelope with the keys to a brand new automobile. You guessed it – out of 400 envelopes, he picked the one with the keys to a new Pontiac G3. It has very good gas mileage for someone who doesn’t need a lot of money and wouldn’t want to spend a lot on gas.

Automobiles are very helpful in expanding ones horizons.

Life has it’s ways, dear reader. Don’t underestimate the power of the universe to look after you and your life. Just take one step and Nature will take 10 steps.

Life is indeed a magical ride – Do you see the magic?

*     *     *

My Rocket Ship

The color blue comes in many shades and hues. It is very much affected by red in the direction of purple and by yellow in the direction of green. Depending on my mood, I tend to favor one or the other but, in any case, blue is my favourite of all the colors. I usually favor the green-blue hues unless I am feeling very spiritual, in which case I favor the more purple direction of blue.

When I was very young, perhaps about 4 or 5 years old, my father bought an old inboard motor boat, put it in the garage of our little home and proceeded to rebuild it to make it seaworthy (or at least lake worthy). The details of this boat are not germane to this story, but the color he painted it is of extreme importance. He purchased a large 1 gallon pail of the most incredible color of deep blue shiny enamel marine paint for his boat. To this day I remember the maiden voyage of this little boat on the Fraser river near where we lived. I felt very proud to be out with my father in his completed boat project with the shiny blue paint. This was heaven.

The unused can of paint sat in the garage for many long months and all this time, I knew the rest of this paint was waiting specifically for me to use. I also knew, when the time came, I would know exactly what to do with it.

One day I found, in a kids magazine, the plans and directions on how to build your own personal rocket ship. I became fascinated with the idea of a rocket ship that could take me travelling  through space. The concept of time was not yet in my consciousness. For me, the rocket ship was a ticket to the stars and the other end of the galaxy. My rocket ship would get me there any time I pleased.

During the next few days I searched out the components for my project. If certain things weren’t available, I would make do with something close. A long cylinder cardboard tube for the main fuselage, heavy cardboard pieces cut from a box for the tale wings. I found a plastic cone for the nose somewhere. Here and there, a little bit of tape and glue was applied very carefully. Eventually I completed the project except for the paint. This was the most important part and, in many ways, the real motivation for the rocket project.

I remember very distinctly the day I opened the paint can, small brush in hand, and proceeded to cover my rocket ship with this most incredible color of shiny blue paint with the greenish tinge.

When the paint was dry, I knew exactly what to do with my completed rocket ship. It sat on my dresser for a very long time. Every night when I went to bed, there it was. Shiny. Ready for exploring the heavens. It just felt so good to have my own rocket ship.

Dear reader, I apologize for not giving you a picture of my blue rocket ship because, like so many things in life, somewhere in the mists of time, it has disappeared.

Be like a little child, if you will, and imagine what it looked like. Then you too, can travel to the stars.

*     *     *

Talk About The Good Things

Ever notice how many people express negatively everywhere about everything. Complaints about this; complaints about that.  The issue is usually about past happenings. The list of subjects is endless AND no one wants to hear it – even if they are compassionate and empathetic. After the complainer leaves, there is a little voice within that says, gently and silently: “got to avoid that person . . .” Everywhere you look, people are unhappily expressing the woes of their life as if the whole world was responsible for their situation.

We create our own life. We create our own happiness. If we are unhappy we created that too. Many will disagree with this, but it is what I believe. Some people wonder why they have no friends. Even family will avoid you if you are constantly complaining.

It’s hard sometimes. Life, for most people, isn’t always easy. It actually takes a determination to be positive when we are with others, especially if we are having issues in our life. But, gratitude and appreciation is the key – for what we have been given – because we have been given so much.

We have so many concepts and expectations about how things SHOULD be and no appreciation for how they ARE. Give up talk about the past or the future. The past is gone, never to be hear again and the future, well, who knows – no-one.

The secret is to live in the NOW, in the present and enjoy what we have. You are alive – that’s what is important. Enjoy your life. Understand! You are alive. That is a miracle if there ever was one.

Talk about the good things.

*     *     *

The Magic of Life

It is interesting how, when life presents us with its magic, we feel compelled to analyze and define it with logic and words such as: coincidence, fortune, destiny, divine providence, etc. etc.

The magic of life is all around us. It never stops; a pod of Killer whales on a ferry boat ride; a chance meeting with an old friend on the other side of the world. The fulfillment of a dream we had years ago and forgot about. The examples are endless.

Life IS magic – it was meant to be. The problem is that to experience this magic, our awareness must be connected to our heart. Unfortunately, for most of us, our awareness is connected to our mind and our daily issues. Thus we usually miss the magic because our magic receptors are not connected. When we ARE “connected” we call the magic “coincidence” or we say “a strange thing happened today”.

With this connection to the heart through the energy within our breath we experience gratitude and love in our very being. Then the magic begins. It pours on us like warm rain. Everywhere we turn there is a “coincidence”; seven rainbows in the sky, more stars than we every imagined; the moon takes on an iridescent glow we never saw before. Our friends become like angels when we look at them.

This is how life was meant to be before we lost our way. Let us embrace the miracle of life and feel love, appreciation and gratitude for this gift of human form and consciousness that allows us to feel and enjoy the miracle of our life. If we don’t know how to do this, we must search until we find the way.

*     *     *

Sammy the Barber

Two months had passed since my last haircut when I went to see Sammy, my barber. The little shop is just off the corner of Davie and Burrard street here in Vancouver. As I walked through the door, there he was, one barber chair in a line of eight.  All Greek guys who cut hair – a couple of old guys, a couple of young ones, wet behind the ears, and a couple of middle aged ones. Sammy is one of the middle aged ones. Behind the chairs, is a continuous mirror the whole length of the wall. Written, in large black ink, behind each chair is the name of the barber. Sammy’s name on the mirror says simply, “Sam” in fancy scrolled lettering. It used to say “Sammy”, but somewhere along the line, it got changed to “Sam”. The name on the mirror conveys a sense of permanence – as if it had always been there, forever.

I was sitting there waiting for him to finish with his customer thinking that I would be next. You know, I thought, I’ve been going to Sammy for years and every time I come here, there he is at the same chair, seeming to enjoy every minute of his work. He always seems to take such pride in what he does.

He charges $16 for what is usually a 15 or 20 minute haircut. (I don’t have a lot of hair left to cut on top).

Here’s how it goes: I sit down. He says: “the usual, make it look nice?” I say: “yep” and away he goes, knowing exactly what to do. I trust him. He never screws it up. When he’s finished, he shows me the back of my head in his big mirror and, like always, he says: “okay?” and like always, I say: “looks great Sam – thank you”.

Then, as always, after he slathers the heated shaving cream on the back of my neck around to the ears, he scrapes it away with the long straight razor. Every time he does this, I think of the gangster movie, long ago, where the italian barber is menacingly flourishing the straight razor around the exposed neck of the gangster. I don’t know why, but every time I see that razor, the flash of that movie comes into my head. Just a quick slice and it would be curtains for me.

We joke about how thin my hair is getting on top and he asks: Did I give you some of my stuff? “What stuff” I ask? Without explaining, he says: “just a minute. I’ll get it”. Off he goes into the back and comes out with a beautiful small black box with something inside. “This is for you” he says.

Everything is now done. Some alcohol to clean the shaving cream off, a quick wipe with a towel, a 15 second head massage, a  blow dry, a pat hear and their to make it neat and he wisks away the apron protecting me from the ton of hair he just cut off my head.

It’s always the same routine for payment. I know he charges $16.00. I always give him $20.00. (A t Christmas time it’s $25). He reaches into his change box under the counter, as always, and as he does this, I always say: “No No, Sam, that’s all right”. Everytime, for years now, he looks me in the eye with a look of sheer gratitude and puts his hand out, at shoulder level, to shake mine. No words – just a quick and sincere thank you handshake.

This time, as I get out of the chair, he hands me the little black box and says put this on you hair everyday – it’ll make it thicker. “Does it work? “Yea it does” and he explains how to use it.

“How much is it?” I ask, thinking I don’t really want to spend more money right now. “My gift” he says. “No charge” Well of course I was all over him with thanks, etc. etc.

He smiles, I smile and say: “thanks Sam – see you next time”. As I’m about to go out the door, I turn to wave at him. By this time his next customer is in the chair. He looks up just as I look at him. We both give a quick little wave and out the door I go.

As I walked into the sunlight and down the sidewalk on Burrard St., I thought; “Isn’t life grande. There are some truly wonderful people out there!”

*     *     *

The Greatest Gift

Breathing – is the most primordial and sacred act performed by a human being, indeed, all of humanity.

Within this breath lies the path to the heart, the source of life and infinite fulfillment. Intuitively, we know this. BUT to experience this fulfillment, appreciation and gratitude are required. This is the mystery only a few seem to understand. Without this appreciation and gratitude, the mind is at war and thus, the world is at war.

The earths people must learn to appreciate and experience the power of the greatest gift from the greatest giver – the breath.

A river of answers flows from within the infinite realm of the heart. All else holds endless questions. The path to the heart can be found by searching and asking the questions. When the path is found, questions will cease and answers will abound.

Within the river of answers lies true wisdom and endless joy.

Do you have answers or questions?

*     *     *

Making a Difference

Once a man was walking along a beach. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.

Off in the distance he could see a little girl going back and forth between the surf’s edge and the beach. Back and forth she went. As the man approached, he could see here throwing starfish into the ocean. He could also see that there were hundreds of starfish stranded on the sand as a result of the natural action of the tide. The man was struck by the the apparent futility of the task. There were far too many starfish. Many of them were sure to perish.

As he approached, the little girl continued the task of picking up starfish one by one and throwing them into the surf. As he came up to her he said, “You must be crazy. There are thousands of miles of beach covered with starfish. You can’t possibly make a difference.” She looked at the man and then stooped down to pick up one more starfish and threw it back into the ocean. She turned back to the man and said, “It sure made a difference for that one!”

“The Star Thrower” (or “Starfish Story”) is part of a sixteen page essay of the same name by Loren Eiseley (1907–1977). It was first published in 1969 in The Unexpected Universe.

I heard this story many years ago and thought I would re-publish it here on my blog for all those who have never heard of it. This is my version of the story. It has been told and re-told thousands of times in different ways, but always with the same message: the power of the individual to make a difference in this world.

*     *     *

The Secret of the Peace-Master

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago in another age, when the earth was younger, there was a little village nestled in a valley between the high snow capped mountains and the deep blue sea. Surrounded by very tall thousand year old evergreen trees with thick brown bark, the village was protected from the fierce ocean winds and the winter gales.

For eons, the villagers lived in peace, harmony and simplicity. They ate the delicious, abundant food from the forest and the sea. A small stream meandered through the village and brought pure ice cold drinking and cooking water from the mountain glaciers. The people lived with the harsh seasons tempered by the warmth of the ocean water and the protection of the high mountains.

As time progressed, the expert fishermen began to realize they could enrich their life by working together to make the villagers pay higher prices for their fish. The forest hunters, who had developed high skills through their years of experience, began to charge more for their food so they could live a better life. The leaders of the village council began to oppress the other villagers with higher taxes to be used for the betterment of the village but they soon began to keep much of the collected taxes so they could live an easier life. Soon the entire village was filled with greed and bickering. The people no longer lived in peace and harmony. The simple life became a difficult and complicated one for most of the villagers. There were some in the village who longed for a return of the simple, harmonious, peaceful life they once knew. They prayed to the spirit of nature to help them.

One warm blue-skied summer day an ageless stranger came to the village. From where he came, no one knew. He had an ancient secret to tell. He met with the few peacemaking villagers and told them he had come long ago to create peace in the village but the villagers, over time, had forgotten.  He showed them a secret place of peace where they could go, within their own hearts – a place that had always existed, but no one had known the way.

The villagers were overjoyed now that they knew of this secret place inside. After a time, many of the villagers began to learn from the stranger and they began to use their new-found understanding to create a more peaceful and harmonious village. Slowly, for the following generation, as those who would not understand began to pass away, the village returned to the peace and harmony it once enjoyed.

When he had completed his work, the stranger left the village and where he went, no one knew.

Forever after they called him the Peace-Master.

*     *     *

Natures Silent Music

Some things in life just can’t be explained. Why do very simple events in our life, that usually occur during childhood, print an indelible mark in our memory cells and register with us so completely that, even as older adults, we remember the finite details as if they happened moments ago. I have theories about this but for the moment I want to relay the details of an event that happened to me during my teenage years. For many people, the early teen years were a time of awkwardness and difficulty but, for me, they were absolutely the happiest years of my life. Many stories could be told but I picked this one because it is particularly memorable for me. Hopefully, for the reader, this will be a catalyst to remind you of pleasant times in your youth.

Every year during the summer, my father packed up the family car and drove my mother, sisters and I to his favourite fishing lake. The lake was stunning. Nestled in a mountain valley a five hour drive from our home, the hot dry air would often reach temperatures in the mid 90sF. I was 14 on this particular trip and I always looked forward to these 2 week holidays because it seemed there were no rules for us kids. My memories were of total freedom to do as I pleased – and I did.

One particular afternoon, I was feeling quite bored and decided to go hiking in the woods surrounding the lake. The woods were on the side of the mountains and in places were quite steep with trails winding up and around the tall pine trees. This was hot country, almost desert. During the summer, as you take each step, the dry tinder grass crunches from the weight of your shoes as you walk. This particular day, the scorching sun was high overhead, the sky was a deep azure blue and the air was still, silent, hot and dry. It was as if I was in heaven.

I’ve always liked the desert country. As I wound through the sparsly spaced pine trees climbing higher and higher above the lake on the narrow twisty pathway, I could feel the energy of my breath coursing through my nostrils and lungs. The air felt so healing within my body. Higher and higher I climbed. Just up ahead was a small clearing in the trees and I decided to take a rest from my weary climb. There was a huge outcropped rock in the middle of the clearing – an excellent place to rest.

The granite rock was very comfortable. I could see much of the glistening lake through the trees. The contrast between the blazing sun, the sky and the lake was quite evident. The lake was very still and dark, dark blue, almost black. The heavily treed mountains above the lake were reflected as a mirror image below. In the extreme distance, far away on the opposite side of the lake,  I could see someone rowing a red boat with a fishing line erected on the side. I always remember the pine trees – the mottled tan and brown bark – the spiky cones. I saw a purple coated garter snake slither through the wheat colored tinderbox grass.

At that moment – utter silence. My awareness began to quicken and I was struck by the majesty of the place I was resting. It was totally silent. Absolutely no noise could be heard and it seemed for a moment that the whole world had been encircled by a new peaceful energy. I closed my eyes, became focused on the light of the sun dancing through my eyelids and within the silence of the moment a realization came over me that it, in fact, was not silent. The energy of the natural scene that enveloped me became very powerful. I could hear the sounds of nature within myself, I think. I didn’t know if it was within or without. Then I realized it was both – it was everywhere. I didn’t want this moment to stop, but it was stopped for me. As I sat within this meditative state I heard  a rustling in the grass. I opened my eyes and there about 10 feet from my rock was the most incredible animal. I had never seen one, but I knew from those huge long legs and elongated ears that, yes, that was him, a Jack Rabbit coming to visit me. He hopped eagerly towards me, sat in front of me – looked staringly into my eyes – turned his head to the left and was gone in a flash.

As I began the long trek down the mountain, back to our mountain cabin in the valley, I realized something very important had just happened. That day created feelings within me that would be recognized time and time again and created a benchmark to help me distinguish between what was important and what was not important in my life.

For those of you who kept reading to this point, this event probably requires no further explanation and I will provide none. Explanations of feelings are futile. How do you describe love. How do you describe compassion. How do you describe inner peace. You can’t. They can only be experienced.

May you live your life in the conscious knowledge that you have been given the greatest gift in the universe – the gift of human life. Appreciation is the second greatest gift. The ability to truly appreciate what has been given.

. . ./John

*     *     *

Life Energy 1

As we walked down Davie St. yesterday, Grace and I passed a tall rather handsome young Asian man walking in the opposite direction with an obvious air of poise and confidence. My experience in life tells me that confidence is often accompanied with arrogance which is a human characteristic that I absolutely abhor. In this case, there was no arrogance and not even a hint of haughtiness.

His eyes were focused on his destination and he was dressed quite nattily with stylish clothes. A very thick gray and white wool scarf was neatly wrapped around his neck as protection from the chilly winter breeze that was sweeping off the nearby ocean water. Who is this man? What is he about? Where is he going? Where has he been? What does he think? So many questions flooded into me. I turned to Grace and said: “nice energy”. she replied: “what do you mean”? I thought for a quick second and responded: “forget it – it’s not important”. I realized that, to explain the statement I made would take far more time than I was prepared to expend.

I’ve been thinking about this and I realized that, for as long as I can remember, I have categorized virtually all lifeforms in terms of the feeling of energy that emanates from them. “Lifeforms” is, basically, anything that exists; humans, animals, insects, rocks, trees. This is not a scientific analysis and I speak only from experience.

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, when I was a young boy, about 4 years old, I accompanied my mother on the long walk to the old trolley station for the weekly grocery shopping trip. The station was virtually surrounded by very tall stately trees with extended branches like arms that created a dome of leaves for protection. As the summer breeze generated a gentle leaf dance high in the sky to my little eyes, the sun flickered through the mottled green canopy creating a magical shower of sparkling light that was mesmerizing, almost hypnotic.  It was a scene like the kind you see in very old oil landscape paintings from the Masters of the Renaissance period.

The memory of that station has been indelibly imprinted in my  memory because of the feeling I had when I was near the trees. It was a protective energy – a feeling that those trees could, and would, protect me from all manner of harm. They were attractive to me. I gravitated to them.  This feeling, so many years later, I never forgot.

Rock has energy too. My attraction is to limestone and granite. Limestone is marble in the making – it is young, soft and in the process of becoming something greater, more beautiful, more solid.  In ancient Egypt, the Great Pyramid of Giza was originally completely encased in glistening white limestone. During that time, the limestone would reflect the sun, thus creating a light source that served as a guide for travelers throughout the region.

Photo by John Archer

Granite is – well – you know, mountains are made of it. The granite has always been there.  It’s got quartz in it. Quartz is an energy storage medium and years ago people used to make “Quartz Chrystal Radios”. The quartz would somehow capture the radio station signal from the atmosphere and you could listen to the radio with a little ear plug. I relate to granite. I like to be around it. It’s a feeling – I can’t explain it. Things are built with granite. When polished it is absolutely beautiful. It has an energy too, you know. It’s an energy you can feel.


The scientists say it can’t be created or destroyed.

Hmmm . . .

(Much, much more on this later . . . energy and creation . . .)

*     *     *

For Broken Hearts

The blogosphere is filled, to overflowing, with broken hearts. Everyday, new expressions of sadness, despair or depression blame relationships that ended in a broken heart. When expectations are greater than reality, disappointment is destined to follow. Read the following words from the movie, “Practical Magic”. These words are in the introduction to a YouTube video: “Crystal” by Stevie Nicks. This song is extremely compelling and mystical. I will let the reader be the judge. Have a listen.

From Practical Magic:

He will hear my call from a mile away.
He will whistle my favorite song.
He can ride a pony backwards.

What are you doing?

Summoning up a true love spell;
Called Amas Veritas.
He can flip pancakes in the air.
He’ll be marvelously kind.
His favorite shape will be a star.
And he’ll have one green eye and one blue.

I thought you never wanted to fall in love.

What’s the point?
The guy I dreamed of doesn’t exist
And if he doesn’t exist,
I’ll never die of a broken heart.