Drug Addiction: Sickness or Criminal Act

Where I live, rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada are the end of the road. The buck stops there. If you can’t get justice within the lower court system or through the vast array of Government legislation, the Supreme Court is where you should find it.

My concept of Supreme Courts is that they judge upon the more contentious issues in life; the kinds of issues that are the most important to the populace and thus, they ultimately reflect the current mood of the people they represent.

Last week, in what has been quoted by the Montreal Gazette as a “landmark decision”, the nine judges of the Canadian Supreme Court ruled unanimously on a matter which has been festering in the Canadian Consciousness for years. This is the matter of “Insite”, the safe drug injection site for intravenous drug users in Vancouver, which has been operating “illegally” for eight years now under the umbrella of the British Columbia health system as a health care facility.

The federal government, in its zeal to enforce the national criminal code and shut down the site which it considers to be a criminal operation, decided to push the issue all the way to the Supreme Court where their lawyers’ arguments have been “shot down in flames” in this unanimous decision.

So, at least in Vancouver, safe injection sites will fall under the watch of the Provincial health care system rather that the Federal criminal code which seems to consider addicted drug users as criminals rather that ill human beings who are in need of assistance.

When I read the news of this decision, it occurred to me that there is a complete disconnect between our current governments’ awareness and the mood of the people. If the Supreme Court reflects the current mood of the people and decides that this safe injection site is a health issue rather than a criminal issue, why didn’t the government recognize this years ago and take steps to change the legislation which would have negated the need to go to the Supreme Court?

The reason, in my opinion, is that Governments are addicted to increasing their legal control over the citizens. It’s what they do best. This is why we have more and more laws every year. The income tax act is an excellent example. It has become so complicated that the average person has to hire a professional just to fill out complicated forms that should be very simple.

The government could have changed legislation that would have effectively meant giving up Federal legal control over the operation of the Insite Facility to the Provincial Government but it chose not to. Giving up control is not what governments like to do so they left it up to the Supreme Court to do it for them all the while keeping their fingers crossed, hoping the ultimate decision would be in their favour.

Where would we be if we didn’t have our beloved Supreme Court and the nine judges who, hopefully, make their decisions based upon wisdom rather than partisan Politics?

Thank you Supreme Court of Canada for a very wise decision!

Link to the very well written and concise Montreal Gazette article on this Supreme Court decision: http://www.montrealgazette.com/health/Safe+injection+sites+Montreal+Plan+carefully/5503366/story.html.

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SSSS Technology – There is a solution!

The following Comment was left by me in answer to a blog entitled: “Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) & the All-Digital TV Broadcast Signal: Connection?” January 31, 2009 by Gary Rea.

In this blog,  Gary expresses his concern about SSSS technology and the possible future use of it to influence and control the general public using subliminal programming via digital television broadcasts.

The text of the blog can be read at: http://ppjg.wordpress.com/2009/01/31/silent-sound-spread-spectrum-ssss-the-all-digital-tv-broadcast-signal-connection/

Following is my comment in answer to Garys blog :

There is a solution – one solution only. We need to get our consciousness out of our warring minds and into our hearts where our true existence lies. The worlds population is at war within. That is why they can be controlled. A warring mind can always be controlled, by outside forces, because it lives in total fear. Those who control, know this.

These events are a call for humanity to find out who they really are – to find the real power within themselves so they can become independent, free and fearless – what they were meant to be from ancient times. Those who fail to do so will have a very painful existence in this new paradigm.

We are all too interested in who won the Super-bowl or the Oscars. We watch the terrible pictures on the TV and internet and say to ourselves: “I’m glad this isn’t happening to me.” Ah yes – we are safe in our little corner of the world. No we’re not. It is happening to all of us. The Earth has become very small and is getting smaller by the day.

We do not have to live in fear. Search for your answers. They are available – people just aren’t looking . . .

. . ./John

Al Jazeera English

In my quest for up-to-date news on the goings-on in Libya, I became a little bit frustrated with Twitter, with an inner longing for some video. I long ago cancelled my cable TV subscription because I never watched anything but the news and the news was too biased for my liking.

I just discovered that Al Jazeera has an English station. It’s nice to get the story from the side of the world where things are happening. Sometimes it’s a bit slow because of buffering, but very interesting to watch and very up-to-date.

Here’s the Link: http://english.aljazeera.net/watch_now/

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Egypt – The Bully falls

When I was 12 years old, I was a fair haired boy with lots of patience and a deep seated love for life. I had no anger issues with my parents. My school was a very rough one and in every school, it seems, there are young men with attitude who subconsciously seem to have issues with fair haired patient boys who love life. Johnny K was one of those.

Johnny  was a likeable guy but the push-up champion of the school was just plain cocky. If I remember correctly, he could do 150 push-ups without getting tired. Whenever I walked the halls of the school, he would give me a little shove or a dirty look. This went on for months. He never actually picked a fight with me – he just had this attitude that said: “I don’t like you and I wish you would disappear from the face of the earth”.

It was a beautiful spring morning with clear blue skies and crocuses pushing up through the earth, energized by the warmth of the sun. I was feeling good and, as I walked down the hallway during the morning recess, the push-up champion gave me a little shove with his shoulder. At that moment, for some cosmic reason I will never be sure of, I just knew – the time had come for action. I pulled my arm back quickly, clenched my fist and smacked him on the forehead with four hard knuckles – with as much energy as I could muster. It felt very, very good. The very instant I connected, my whole world changed and – so did his.

Johnny always sat at the back of the classroom. After recess was over, I remember, the teacher asking him how he got the large black and blue welt in the center of his forehead. His reply was: “I was running and crashed into the door”. He never bothered me again. In fact, he always tried to make friends with me.

30 years later at a class reunion, I commented to him that I always remembered he was the push-up champion of the school. (I never mentioned the incident we had in the hall). He returned with: “I always remember you being a pretty tough guy in school”. I never thought of myself as a “tough guy” but I guess when you no longer live in fear, some people think that is “tough”. Maybe it is.

Now what does this have to do with the situation in Egypt? To me, it is very simple. It has a lot to do with Egypt – and the people of this world.

Democracy is the buzz word of America. My opinions on the current state of the world will be left for another article but for now I will say: the citizens of this world do not have a yearning to live in a democracy. What they really long for is freedom from oppression. They want to walk down the hallways of their life without being harassed and forced to live in fear. In short, they want a peaceful existence.

photo courtesy of presstv.ir

In any society, leaders are necessary. Every society requires smart people who can make decisions that affect the mass of the population. Most people understand this. The democratic system of leader selection was created as a means to, supposedly, release people from the despotic decisions of kings, queens, dictators and other forms of highly concentrated power. The key word is despotic.

Leaders who have the welfare of the people as a priority are not despotic, they are benevolent. Benevolence creates a feeling of freedom in the hearts of their people. Despotism creates a feeling of fear within the people. Fear is the ultimate tool of oppression.

It was time for history to be made. Finally, the fear dissipated and the people of Egypt realized, with the help of social internet media, the time had come for action. When the fear is gone, in the face of massive action . . .the bully falls, quickly and inevitably. The implications of this are massive.

More to come . . .