These are my favourite websites.

My Inspiration Sources

  • Words of Peace Global 
    This Site is based in the Netherlands and administered in Barcelona, Spain. My favorite part is the free video section under the tab entitled: “Webcasts”. To go directly to the webcasts click here: Webcasts
    You have to experience this interactive site – it’s been around a long time and is very interesting.

My Favorite Charity

  • The Prem Rawat Foundation
    This is a non-profit foundation set up by Prem Rawat to help with basic subsistence issues associated with the poor and helpless throughout the world. The work of  this Charitable foundation is very commendable.

On-line Jazz – The Best

  • World Class Jazz – 24Hr Jazz
    I really like this site. Jazz listening is very enjoyable for me and this site provides a really good mix of jazz 24 hrs a day and it’s pretty much free of advertising. If you’re a jazz fan, try it. Actually, if you’re a jazz fan, you probably are already listening to it.

My personal Sites

  • Vancouver – City of Peace (Website)
    This is a Facebook page I created in March of 2013 – Have a look – I think it speaks for itself. Pictures and Videos about the best parts of Vancouver, BC. There are some awesome videos about Vancouver on this page so check it out.
  • Me on Facebook: John Archer11
    I’ve been on FB for a couple of years now – it’s all public so have a look.
  • The Smiling News Post
    Another Blog I created some time ago. Haven’t had time to update it much, but have a look anyway.
  • Twitter
    This is my Twitter account
  • Play For Peace (Website)
    This is a website I created for a non-profit group (of which I am a part). We host an annual charity benefit golf tournament here in Vancouver. If you live near Vancouver you might want to get involved. It’s all a lot of fun and this year, 2013, in addition to WOPG and TPRF, our Featured charity is: Inspire Health. they are doing wonderful work in alternative cancer therapy and they will be one of the main beneficiaries of the tournament proceeds.
  • Vancouver – City of Peace (on Facebook)
    A Facebook Page I created to host videos, pictures and news about the gentle side of the City of Vancouver, BC. Check it out – there are some fabulous videos and photos.

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