The Bloggers Lament

Most bloggers write to be appreciated. They don’t blog for fame. They don’t blog for money. They don’t blog to pass the time of day. They blog because they have an irresistible internal energy that is calling them to interact with other humans through the two-way street called written communication.

We live in a world with little appreciation. People spend a lot of their time complaining and criticizing. Bloggers do this too, but many bloggers are trying very diligently to add to the joys of the world – to uplift the reader to a higher consciousness or, at least, to better their day. For that they ask only for a little appreciation and gratitude.

If most bloggers are like me, they are somewhat addicted to the stats page. Where are my readers coming from? What articles do they like? Are they coming back for more? Do they like what I write? Do they appreciate me?

There’s the rub. The bloggers lament. Am I appreciated for what I write. 147 hits today, 213 yesterday. They looked at many of my blogs, but no “likes” and no “comments”. Ah, at last, one comment – this reader is inspired by my latest piece and praises my writing style. Now everything is right with the world. I am inspired to write more.

Dear reader: if you enter a website or blog and read content that someone has taken the trouble to write and make available to you, please honor them. If you like what they write then click the “like” button or leave a comment. If you disagree with what they write, tell them so they can get a different perspective. We are all learning.

I hereby declare this week as Blogger Appreciation Week. Please show your appreciation for your favorite blogger with a “Like”.

*     *     *