The Power of Love

Sasha asks: “Why only talk about ‘love’? There are so many other important things in the world like descrimination, racism, planet in danger, etc… “

Here’s why we talk about Love.

Within every human – two forces exist. Every moment of every day, as the gentle waves of the ocean surf sooth our searching soul, the waves of our life-giving breath gently whisper a simple request for our attention, but we do not notice. Instead, we succumb to our demanding, all consuming thought generating mind. Most of us have no control over either our breath or our mind.

Pay no attention to the mind. Experience the power of the breath, every moment of every day for this is the experience of true love. This power is infinite love, peace, joy, gratitude and, ultimately, complete human fulfillment.

True love is within, self sufficient – the ultimate divine experience. Love permeates every pore of our body. It is the foundation of our temple of life. Generated from gratitude and appreciation, love is the miracle of life. It overwhelms the mind and consumes all thought. An ocean of freedom, fulfillment and joy is found in a single drop of love. It is the solution to all problems. Love is the only truth. All else is illusion. Love conquers all.

Love has nothing to do with another person or an external object, but the gathering of humans who experience love within is, truly, a joyous occasion. A couple; a master and student, a group gathering of any kind; these are all incredibly wonderful relationships when based upon true love. True love is the feeling in the heart free and independent of the outside world and independent of others in our life.

There are only two ways to live life. In love or without love. In life in love everything is a miracle. In life without love nothing is a miracle.

My breath is a miracle. It sustains my life every moment. My life is a miracle. So, all life is a miracle. Love is the miracle of miracles. Love is the experience of Heaven on Earth.

*      *      *


King Of The World

I am the King of the World. The power of my every thought transforms the atoms of the earthly realms and molds my manifested existence. Creation is my specialty. The Universe serves my every wish. My dreams come true. Elevated, are those who feel my aura. The power of my heartfelt experience of Joy, Love and Fulfillment permeates the air I breathe. Darkness shrinks at a glimpse of my light. Danger flees from me. My adventure never ends and, moment to moment,  is ever changing. I fly in my dreams and float when awake. Wherever I am, there within, is my true home and my best friend – always bringing peace and love to my existence. I am never alone. I am the luckiest man alive – for I am the King of the World!

*     *     *

Crop Circles: The Answer

I was recently asked my opinion about crop circles. I hadn’t thought much about them for years so I googled “Who Created Crop Circles” and the number of results I received was three million, four-hundred and fifty thousand. (I wrote this out to emphasize the largeness of the number). This is obviously a topic that millions of people are concerned about.

The explanations of who created them runs the gambit: God, Alien visitors, Extra-terrestrials in spacecraft, UFOs, Pranksters with planks, A force seemingly at odds with Science, Weather vortices, Businesses for advertising campaigns, Paranormal energies, Artists, Particle beams, Students, Humans, Satellites, Flying saucers, Governments, Hoaxers, Angelic beings, Mathematical mice, A Maldekian, Microwave technology, A ball of light, Made by sound, Small currents of whirling winds called dust-devils and last of all, Chuck Norris (Chuck Norris?).

It is not, and never has been, a pre-occupation of mine to find answers about crop circles but, I must admit, I am absolutely fascinated with the designs. I will also admit that, in the past, I have even been momentarily tempted to seek answers. They are incredibly beautiful pieces of artwork and I greatly appreciate them and their creators – whoever they are. I think very much in geometric terms and I admire them in the same fashion that I admire a fine painting by one of the masters.

Before we discuss the crop circles, I ask you dear reader, what other important answers do you seek in your life? If you are puzzled by that question, let me offer a list of answers you could seek. This is a very lengthy list so I don’t expect you to read the whole thing. The list is in no particular order so you can just briefly gaze through it:

Who created the Earth; who built the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and why; who created the crystal skulls, who or what is God, why are some people greedy and power hungry, why do worldwide musical tastes evolve, why do people kill other people, are there really ghosts, how can some people miraculously heal themselves, do angels really exist, did Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc. really exist, Is there a conspiracy to control the world, why can some people sing and others can’t, how could a Priest molest a child, why are rich dictators usually so merciless with their people, why don’t people help starving people in the world, why do people steal, why was I born beautiful, ugly skinny, fat, stupid, who am I, why was I born, why am I here, why wasn’t I born into a rich family, why do I have to die, what will happen after I die, where was I before I was born and did I even exist, etc., etc., etc. ? ? ? ? ?

I’m sure with a little imagination you can add greatly to this list.

I am humbled by the incredible endless beauty of the human existence I have been gifted. How does one describe the beauty of the earth; the deep blue domed sky on a warm summer day; the mass of twinkling stars in the milky-way on a cold, dark winter night; the turquoise blue ocean lagoon on Paradise Island filled with an array of rainbow colored fishes; thousand year old trees with massive trunks.

I am humbled, also by the very breath that I have been given and by the ability that I have been shown to directly experience the energy that exists within me and keeps my body alive moment to moment. It is with great pleasure that I allow my mother, who is a healthy 87 year old retired nurse, to take my blood pressure. She really enjoys doing this and I am always amazed and appreciative that, after all these years, my heart is still beating at just over 60 beats per minute with no direct involvement by myself.

In short, I am in awe of my own life. What an amazing thing is this existence we have been given.

Crop circles are one of the many things that occur on earth to help humans move ahead in the quest for meaning in their lives. Some of the other things that occur are earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes UFO sightings, UFO abductions, rainbows, porpoises, whales, angel sightings, aurora borealis, melting polar ice caps, people who channel angelic beings, clairvoyant people.

The earth and everything in it was a gift to you. Whales are a gift to you. Crop circles are a gift to you too. Enjoy looking at them for their beauty and magnificence. Appreciate them, but do not ask the question: who made them? Leave that for the scientists.

Human beings ask all the wrong questions. So many questions we ask – the list is infinite. We ask all the wrong questions and never ask the right questions.

Ask instead: Is there a place I can go where the questions cease and only answers abound. If I had no questions and only answers, what would that feel like? If such a place exists; how do I get there? Is there anyone who can help me?

Ask not about crop circles, but ask to experience the source that enables you to appreciate and enjoy them.

Ask not how the sunset came to be, but ask to experience the source of your own ability to experience its color and beauty.

Ask not how you came to exist, but ask to experience the very power that allows you to enjoy your own existence – to feel love, to feel joy and, ultimately, to be completely fulfilled.

*     *     *

A Very Special Place

It’s 2.22am and the world out there is quiet and still. The odd car whizzes by on the street below my little one-bedroom apartment and I hear the wail of a siren and a woosh of the air as an ambulance driver speeds to rescue someone in distress. As I awaken from the stillness of my deep slumber, the realms of my conscious awareness begin to sharpen and I realize how very incredible my life has become. It truly is a joy to be alive.

Someone next to me is sleeping, deeply, silently and as I look out the window beside my bed I see the reflection of the dim city streetlights reflecting off the scattered wispy clouds in the cities dark night sky. The sun is on the other side of the earth, the light of dusk has long disappeared and the light of dawn is yet to come. I am wholly in the present – no thought of the past or future. At these special moments, when the feelings come powerfully, always my first inclination is to explore my inner world of sweet and joyful beauty. It is place inside where I practice the knowledge, many years ago, given to me by my honored teacher – a place inside where I can meditate upon my very self that I have come to know so intimately.

When I am sleeping, dreaming, the window next to my bed is always open, just a little, so my lungs can enjoy fresh air throughout the night. As I arise from the warmth of my bed, the coolness of the air becomes evident. I wrap a large blanket around my half naked body, to stay warm, and sit in my favorite spot, in the dark, knowing that soon I will enter my inner world where there is no limitation.

As my ever present thoughts drift slowly and surely into the distance of my awareness, in the silence, I begin to feel the primal energy and the rhythms of my inner self. My senses turn inwards and I feel the ever present beating of my own heart. The undulating waves of the ocean of breath, rising . . . falling, that is the very source of my life, fills me with a joy unattainable in my day to day world of activity. It is pure enjoyment and bliss. This is real peace. This is what the world needs. This, reliably, strengthens my will to live each day with clarity and consciousness . . . to express my inner experience with kindness and compassion in my interactions with others.

This particular night, however, after an hour or two – time has ceased to exist – my practice is interrupted by a powerful feeling that fills me. There is a story I must write – a story with many chapters about a little town in the dark woods where people live an idyllic life – a place where tall thousand year old trees, with thick bark, surround the town and the people live in harmony with their neighbors and the nature surrounding them.

I return to the warmth of my bed and slowly drift off, feeling good, knowing what I must do. . .

*     *     *