From Hiroshima to Fukushima

Professor Anthony J Hall, Alberta, Canada

As I pause from my mundane daily concerns and listen to people like Dr. Anthony Hall in the two videos below, I realize the enormity of the global changes that are about to take place in our lifetime. Increased consciousness and awareness of the global citizenry is crucial at this most important period in the history of the Earth.

As the drug dealers kill each other in their battles for turf and the bankers find new secret ways to maximize their wealthy power, the state of this beautiful earth we all live on is being severely compromised by the unconscious activities of the politicians and sundry leaders in whom we place our trust.

It is time for us all to sincerely appreciate the sanctity of the incredible life here that we have been given.

We must each find our own Personal Peace and spread that light to those within our realm – this is the only way to create the heaven on Earth that we all seek.

*   *   *

Please watch these videos with an open mind and realize that life on Earth is going to change drastically over the coming decades.