Pay It Forward – at McDonalds

The stories don’t get much better than this.

A close friend, currently dealing with many personal challenges in his life, called me early this morning, quite excitedly, after getting his morning coffee from the local McDonald’s drive-thru. He wanted to tell me about a wonderful event that had just restored his faith in human beings.

It was 6:00am, he was second in the McDonald’s drive-thru line and just a little bleary-eyed as he watched the elderly lady in the white Buick ahead of him make her purchase. After receiving here bag of morning goodies, he watched as she handed the cashier a five dollar bill and then drove off. He thought to himself: “that was a rather large tip to give the cashier for such a small purchase”.

He moved his car ahead and when he went to place his order at the window, the cashier behind the counter said: “you won’t believe this, but that lady in the white car just gave me some money to pay for your breakfast – what would you like to order”. My friend was flabbergasted and found it difficult to hold back the tears as he ordered his morning coffee. Needless to say, it made his day and, for the rest of his life, he will probably never forget what happened.

Enough said.Pay it Forward

This world will be enlightened and transformed when this kind of action ceases to become an isolated random act and, instead, becomes a part of our normal daily activity.

. . . by John Archer

Reprinted From: Vancouver-City of Peace

*     *     *