Ghosts From The Past

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Ghosts from the past haunt us like shadows of darkness, appearing unexpectedly at the most inopportune times. With fluid tears, in a river of sorrow, we wash away the presence of the past and strive to live in today, in the moment, as our energy is renewed with each new breath.

Dark familial history is the most difficult, but, again, with each life giving breath we move forward, enjoying each moment and appreciating the gifts of life and earth we have been given. What grace it is to have this appreciation.

Gaze not on the shadows, but on the light of your true being. To feel the power of Love and Gratitude is the source of our lifelong joy.

*     *     *


Pursue Virtue, Freedom or Truth?

When the Truth of our Existence is experienced within our heart and life giving breath, then Virtue andFreedom will take care of themselves as a natural consequence of the Inner Experience of The Truth. The Universal Truth is the inner experience of the power of creation or, to put it simply: the experience of LOVE!

Freedom is not something we can be denied. It is not something anyone can take from us. It is part of the inner experience of the Truth. It is already within us. We need only choose to experience it. Unfortunately, most do not make that choice because they live in fear and fear is a barrier to Freedom. Most people will tell you they have no freedom because they live in fear.

Take, for instance, the power of a lone Border Collie to control the movement of a whole flock of sheep. There may be hundreds of sheep in the flock, but because of FEAR, the whole flock submit to the command of the dog. Humans react the same way when consumed with fear. Notice how easily this small Border Collie pup is able to control a whole flock of sheep:

Few people sincerely seek the truth. For this reason, control over society has been easily accomplished by certain powerful factions. What really happened in New York City on 9/11/01? The truth is available for all to see, but the mass of people are not interested in the Truth. That is why change in society comes so stubbornly slowly. In the same way; we all have the Truth within us, but most aren’t interested.

I am aware of inmates in Prisons who experience that Truth within . They are free and in Peace, even though they are locked behind bars.

Heartfelt love is the ultimate source of unity and peace among humans. No power or control is required – unity is automatic because the entire universe exists in unity and Love is the source of this unity. Seek only the experience of LOVE and nothing else will be required. Not power, not freedom, not virtue, not unity. Within the experience of Love lies the ultimate Peace. Ultimately, that is what everyone seeks.

The pursuit of truth is far more important than the pursuit of Virtue or Freedom. If one is not interested in pursuing Truth, then the pursuit of Virtue would be a wise alternative but the pursuit of virtue is, in fact, a component of the pursuit of Inner Knowledge of Truth. Otherwise, why be virtuous?

Find the path to the source of your breath and their you will find the ultimate experience of Truth, Harmony and Inner Peace.

Self Knowledge is the Key.

*     *     *

Defending Mr. Murdoch

I don’t watch Fox News, I don’t read News of the World and I don’t really have a lot of respect for the way most Billionaires came to their riches and power. I don’t know how much Rupert Murdoch knew or didn’t know, but I will come to his defense against, it seems, half the world who blame him for the problems of the other half of the people of this world.

The fact is, he is a businessman who has discovered a lucrative market and he provides a product for that market. For the most part, Mr. Murdoch is in the entertainment business. His news media provides a certain kind of entertainment that, although abhorrent to me personally, is in demand from a particularly large segment of society. I, personally, don’t watch or read this entertainment but I suggest that he is not personally responsible for the ills of society or for the entertainment habits of the people who partake in his brand of entertainment and who eat up his brand of “yellow journalism”.

When people no longer demand this kind of trashy journalism to fill the void in their life, then their will no longer be an avenue for people like Rupert to get rich on the spoils of the common mans cravings for excitement and titillation, nor will there be a market or incentive for reporters to break man-made laws in order to obtain the next ultra-juicy scoop of a story.

You say it is an impossibility for people to rise to this much conscious awareness. I say, as a society we have no choice. We must rise above the level of sleazy entertainment that is purchased everyday by the millions. If we do not, society will continue it’s slide into ignorance and moral oblivion. Smart people like Mr. Murdoch will then have as much control and power as they can muster. He is only one of many who would take control of people who do not seek Truth in their lives but are content to live day-to-day for the next entertainment fix.

We create our own reality in life. The international entertainment complex is a creation, not of the likes of Rupert Murdoch, but of the people who crave this kind of entertainment.

Mr. Murdoch you are now under intense scrutiny by those who would gain their retribution for your perceived transgressions. As my sons grade 6 teacher once said: “The Truth Will Out”. I hope, for your sake, you are telling the truth because, if you aren’t, there are other people who will. If they do, you will need the assistance of an army of lawyers which you can, no doubt, afford.

*     *     *