My Marathon

Running Woods PathI had a sleeping dream and when I awoke, unusually, I remembered every little detail and emotion of it. To express the powerful feelings the dream evoked in me, it seemed appropriate to use the poetry form. This is the first time I’ve done this for many years. Hope you like it. . .

I ran a marathon.
Just me and my path.

Shifting, twisting, weaving,
woods and streams surround.
Up, over, down and ’round.
Earth rises to meet my sole.
Heart beating, breath heaving,
blood pulsing, protecting, energizing.

Feeling whole.

Power within, light, lighting.
Skin sweating, body heating,
muscles tingling, arms reaching.
Legs stretching, thighs pounding.
Step by step – elation, creation,
freedom fluidly flowing.

The rise of hill the crest and fall.
Running, falling, gravity pulling,
legs solidly meeting the call.
Dodging obstacles, pathway blocked,
fallen trees, no penetration, consternation.

Space, a space – a very small space.
Can’t fit – coming through – transformation.
Pure energy, flying freely flowing
seeing, through clean pure air,
between dark limbs with leaves in place.

Flying, flying, flying . . .

Transformed again to matter dense.
Destination coming, evaluating.
Anticipation, round the turn,
behind the fence, crowd, waiting, cheering.
Winners kiss, feeling, smiling.

Feeling proud – now awaken.
Dream is done, marathon won.
Gratitude – affirmation, appreciation.

Soul power, breath within,
beating heart, energy flowing.
Freedom reigns with love and light.
New day dawning – future’s bright.

6 comments on “My Marathon

  1. Subtle, inspiring, freeing, sweating, lol!…and I just love happy endings! No kidding though, John! I do detect a metamorphose in between the lines of your transformation process, evolving to greater things. I too so much yearn for that, but perhaps still have to pay some more dues, who knows? But as the old saying goes; “If we can dream it, we can do it”, right?

  2. Thanks for the comment Petra – yes it’s all about transformation. Although, in my dream, my way was blocked by these trees that had fallen across the path so I transformed, shed my body and became pure energy, flying, still conscious though, and flew through a small space in the trees. I then transformed back into my body to finish the race. Anything is possible in dreams. Maybe someone smart can analyze this for me.
    . . ./John

  3. My take on your dream is that you are speeding toward the ability to pass into other dimensions. As we evolve, our energy vibrations increase as does our ability to control them. Once we master this, we can move easily between realities. Sai Baba has already demonstrated that this is possible. We are very close to this transformation. Your dream heralds you being in this process. Hugs, pat

  4. I confess that running has never appealed to me, but friends love it and strive to go further and find new paths. This gives me a glimpse into what it is like for them.

    • What a glimpse eh? I haven’t run for a few years, but I did do a lot for quite a few years so what I wrote is definitely accurate (except the turning into energy part – that was only in the dream). People who run definitely experience all those feelings I described. Thank for the comment Mapelba – much appreciated.
      , , ,.John

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