Chiang Mai Night Market – Sites and Sounds

This is my third video from our 3 week trip to Thailand last November. The night market occurs every week on Sunday night and attracts thousands of people over many blocks in Old-Town Chiang Mai. This night Market is famous. Lots of really talented street musicians, inexpensive Thai massage and amazing street food is available, not to mention so many bargains on the tables. My Lumix GH4 helped me get this 4K footage in November 2018.

The audio tracks were taken from the free Youtube Audio Library.

Chiang Mai Night Market – Sites and Sounds

A Day With The Elephants

I captured this footage in November 2018 while on a stay in Chiang Mai. It started out as a last minute decision to join a group tour and go to an Elephant Sanctuary. We didn’t even know why there were Elephant Sanctuaries. What an education it was. It was one of the most memorable experiences we have ever had.

Enjoy the happy eyes and smiles of the participants. I thank the employees of the Kanta Sanctuary for their care and attention to detail on our visit. They were wonderful.

If the video doesn’t work, just click on the Youtube Icon in the bottom-right corner. It will take you directly to the Youtube video.

Kanta Elephant Sanctuary – Chiang Mai – Thailand

James Bond Island Cave Adventure

In November 2018 we spent 3 weeks in Thailand. The most memorable day was the tour we took to James Bond Island and the water caves in the surrounding islands. I took my Lumix GH4 and shot a lot of video of that day. My wife accused me of vacationing with my camera instead of her. In any case, I put together this record of the day. Hope you enjoy. This is my first video. The editing was done using Davinci Resolve 15.

To watch the video, click on the Youtube logo bottom right corner.

For Daniel

Life is change. Without change, the adventure called life would be very dull.DSC_9591 RTZ Crop 2x1 w1400 GMP

When the heart is open and searching for peace, life will present us with circumstances which, while sometimes painful and challenging, have the ultimate purpose to transition us onto the life path that will, in the end, bring the most satisfaction.

It is the challenge that is almost always difficult because it requires us to abandon old concepts, erroneous beliefs and destructive habits that are not aligned with our hearts inner longing for peace.

When our mind tells us to seek fulfillment through relationships or possessions, the heart knows better and guides us to circumstances where, ultimately, we realize that everything we seek is within our own self.

In the end, all we really have is the experience of the power in our own breath which keeps us alive and which, for every living moment, we can experience gratitude. For me, this is the simple secret of a life overflowing with fulfillment.

May your life be filled with love, peace, fulfillment and wonder!

Fibonacci Yoga Breathing

Photo Courtesy of NASA

Photo Courtesy of NASA

Yoga Poses – How long?

If you research how long to hold your Yoga Poses, you will be met with a myriad of answers which leaves you with no alternative but to make your own decision. What then? How do you determine how long to hold a pose other than counting seconds or “until it gets too painful”? 

Many decades ago I asked this same question. Some people gave answers like “number of seconds” or “number of breaths”. After much frustration regarding this issue I created my own system that has served me happily and successfully for a very long time.

Everyone has their own motivations and reasons for practicing Yoga but there is one common denominator for all of us. It is our breath. I Practice a Yoga routine that takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes, depending on my mood and energy level. It incorporates many of the commonly known Hatha Yoga asanas and works on most of my muscles and joints in a relatively gentle manner.

How can it take 15 or 30 minutes, you ask. It is because of the breathing system I created for myself which is very satisfying and also takes the boredom away from counting out 10, 20, or 60 seconds. It is also self-adjusting depending upon my mental and physical condition while doing my routine.

Some people already count breaths, but how do you know how many to count? This is where my system comes in – and it is very simple.

If you are not familiar with Fibonacci numbers (Fnumber) they are the sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 . . . and so on, where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers. This sequence of numbers is quite famous because it lies at the heart of much natural phenomenon including seashells, sunflowers, the human body and even galaxies in outer space.

What I really like about incorporating this number sequence into my Yoga routine is that it makes me feel like I’m doing something that is an integral part of the workings of the cosmos itself. Whether that is true or not, is not the point. It’s all about how I feel!

Here is the simplicity of it. Yoga is all about stretching and breathing. This is about the breathing part. Despite the body’s tendency to breathe faster under physical exertion, I try to keep my breathing slow and steady. My average breath lasts between 4 and 6 seconds. This will vary for everyone depending upon your physical condition.

Before you try this, you must memorize the Fibonacci numbers up to 55 because these are the ones you will be using during your routine.

When you start each pose, just breath slowly, regularly and mentally count your breaths as you hold the pose. This will keep your awareness focused on your breathing rather than the random mental thoughts that distract from a great Yoga experience. It will also let you know when to end this particular pose.

Here’s how it works: Never stop your pose until you have reached an Fnumber of breaths. Most of the time, for me, that would be 5, 8, 13 or 21. The most common one, for me, is 13. This translates to approximately 40-45 seconds.

When you reach an Fnumber, then make a decision: “do I want to go to the next number?” If the answer is “NO” then stop and go to the next pose. If the answer is “Yes” then hold your pose and keep counting breaths until you reach the next Fnumber and mentally repeat the decision whether to continue. But, don’t stop until you reach the number. If you decide to go from 13 to 21, don’t stop before you reach 21.

That’s the system! It’s very simple

Here is my experience. After you have done this for a while, you will know from experience how long you can hold a pose. It is different for each one, because some are more difficult than others. Some, I can only hold for 5 breaths and others I can do for 21 or even 34 breaths.

Sometimes if I am very tired and I just want to relax my body for sleep, I will go into the routine knowing that I will only hold each pose for 5 breaths. This will usually cause me to quickly fall asleep when I go to bed. Other times when I am full of energy, I will push it as much as I can and even hold some of the poses for 55 breaths.

If you are new to yoga, some poses may only be held for 2 or 3 breaths because the muscle pain is too much to carry on and that is just fine. Time and practice take care of everything.

I do not, and have never, gone to group yoga classes. For me, Yoga is a very personal experience and I do it alone in my own special space in my home. Yoga classes are great for many people; they’re just not for me.

Remember, Yoga is a personal experience and you have your own reasons for doing it. Customize the experience for yourself and your life will be better for it.

Hopefully this system will help cultivate the appreciation and gratitude that leads you to a happy and peaceful life.

*     *     *

Love from the Universe

. . . the world is full of love coming your way . . . be ready.

Image: nuttakit /

Image: nuttakit /

This is a little story of a mundane daily activity that describes how the universe talks to us. For some it may resonate; for some, it may not. It all depends how you look at life. The joyful little happenings are always their for us but we have to be conscious enough to recognize and appreciate them as they arise.

Some may remember a cute story I wrote about two years ago entitled “Sammy the Barber“. Well sadly, for me, Sammy moved away and I had to find a new barber. It wasn’t so much that he was the best barber in town, but I really enjoyed his company for the 20 minutes I spent in the chair every month.

In Vancouver, an International city melded with many diverse cultures, there are many places you can get your hair cut but Grace, being a Shanghai lady, insisted I find the cheapest place I could find.

There is a lot of competition in my area for hair-cutting dollars and it happened, about a month ago, that I passed by a small shop on Denman Street with a sandwich board on the sidewalk that said: “Haircuts $10.00”. Now, I don’t always follow Graces advice, but, out of respect, I try to let her influence the little decisions while I, being the man of the family, try to influence the big decisions. As this was a little decision, I thought this would definitely fit into her criteria for my new barber so I reluctantly, and with much reservation, decided to give them a try.

As I entered the small shop, I realized the two men and the woman were of Persian extraction which was much to my liking because my car mechanic is a young Persian man and he has always looked after me with the utmost integrity. I was immediately beginning to feel comfortable with the situation.

The young hair-cutter lady was pretty, but very shy – perhaps because English was not her first language. She was just finishing with another customer and motioned for me to come and sit. As she began to cut, I realized she had an entirely different method of cutting hair than what I was used to with Sammy. I had my reservations, but she was very sweet and polite so I let her continue without a word. When she was finished, to say the least, I was a happy man. It was a wonderful haircut and I gave her $20 which is what I normally gave Sammy.

Today, I needed another haircut so I went up to the shop, which is just a few blocks away, but she wasn’t there. I went inside and asked the man behind the cash register where the lady was. He said it was her day off and she would be in at 9:00 o’clock tomorrow morning. This was music to my ears and I told him I really liked the way she cut my hair the last time and I would come back tomorrow.

As I was about to leave, I turned to him and said “by the way, what is her name?”

“Oh”, he replied, “. . . her name is Sami.”

*     *     *


Pay It Forward – at McDonalds

The stories don’t get much better than this.

A close friend, currently dealing with many personal challenges in his life, called me early this morning, quite excitedly, after getting his morning coffee from the local McDonald’s drive-thru. He wanted to tell me about a wonderful event that had just restored his faith in human beings.

It was 6:00am, he was second in the McDonald’s drive-thru line and just a little bleary-eyed as he watched the elderly lady in the white Buick ahead of him make her purchase. After receiving here bag of morning goodies, he watched as she handed the cashier a five dollar bill and then drove off. He thought to himself: “that was a rather large tip to give the cashier for such a small purchase”.

He moved his car ahead and when he went to place his order at the window, the cashier behind the counter said: “you won’t believe this, but that lady in the white car just gave me some money to pay for your breakfast – what would you like to order”. My friend was flabbergasted and found it difficult to hold back the tears as he ordered his morning coffee. Needless to say, it made his day and, for the rest of his life, he will probably never forget what happened.

Enough said.Pay it Forward

This world will be enlightened and transformed when this kind of action ceases to become an isolated random act and, instead, becomes a part of our normal daily activity.

. . . by John Archer

Reprinted From: Vancouver-City of Peace

*     *     *

New Directions

For Gigi . . .

New DirectionOn this beautiful Earth it is now a time of great transition and evolution. We are each given what is required for us to move on in the correct direction.

For the pure in heart, difficulties turn into blessings with the realization that the only true lifelong friend we have is our own breath and inner heartfelt love that transcends all adversity. When we consciously acknowledge this inner friend we prepare ourselves for the rest of our life journey that we know we must take. When we discover that inner peace, our true friend, the journey is one of blissful joy filled with gratitude for the life we have been given.

Hang in there. I have a feeling you are destined for much greater things. Keep close to you those for whom you have great respect and let the others slowly fade into the past as you merge with the lightness of your own being.

In this existence of infinite possibilities, all dreams can come true.

.  .  ./J

*      *      *

Ghosts From The Past

Image Credit: Image: nuttakit/

Ghosts from the past haunt us like shadows of darkness, appearing unexpectedly at the most inopportune times. With fluid tears, in a river of sorrow, we wash away the presence of the past and strive to live in today, in the moment, as our energy is renewed with each new breath.

Dark familial history is the most difficult, but, again, with each life giving breath we move forward, enjoying each moment and appreciating the gifts of life and earth we have been given. What grace it is to have this appreciation.

Gaze not on the shadows, but on the light of your true being. To feel the power of Love and Gratitude is the source of our lifelong joy.

*     *     *

Mastering Life On Earth

Photo courtesy:

From the very beginning, when souls first chose to incarnate and pursue the pleasures of this beautiful Earth, the battle has waged between the crassness of the wandering mind and the supreme joy that comes from appreciating life through consciousness of the energy which is the source of our own breath. This is real freedom. To know truth is freedom.

Throughout history, on every level of human endeavor, the catalysts of greed and power have caused ceaseless competition and wars among human societies. Through our fears and insecurities, the tangled webs we weave in our lives securely bind us to our own ignorance. We search and find answers only to find they are temporary and unsustainable.

There have always been Masters; some known to only a few and some known to many. They have always come to teach the forgotten Knowledge of how to truly enjoy and appreciate this Heaven we call Earth. The practice of this Knowledge creates an experience of life where questions cease and answers come in an endless stream. The Masters come to release us from the pain of our own ignorance. Those students, who have had ears to hear, listened and learned. Others have ignored these noble souls and founded religions after their death, for most religions are based upon the life and death of a past Master.

Masters do not come to form religions. They come as Teachers of the ultimate Knowledge of how to experience the Peace and Harmony that has always resided within us. Recognition of a Living Master is truly a blessing in ones life. It is also the most confronting, because the living Master teaches and inspires in the present.

Humans, Masters, Religions and Societies are all born and die. This is the nature of existence on Earth. The challenge of the human being is to learn and practice the secret of experiencing, moment to moment, the energy that is the essence of our life. Through this practice we are released from the misery of our own ignorance and enter into the understanding of whom and what we truly are. This understanding is the gate that opens to Heaven on Earth – while we are alive.

*     *     *

A Readers Question about Prem Rawat

From a reader:

I am doing a lot of research on Prem Rawat himself to collect some information. I am surprised to see that a lot of information on Prem Rawat is not very flattering. Could you shed some light on this please? . . ./Thanks

Prem Rawat

Dear Reader,

I will shed what light I can from my personal experience.

One can never judge someone through another’s eyes. People sometimes say unflattering things about me and they have their personal reasons for viewing me so. I can only request that I be judged by my own actions and not the words of others. They have their own path to travel and I have mine. As my father once said: “you have to march to your own drummer”. What he meant was that you can’t take the low road based upon the views of others, but must take the high road based upon your own inner instincts.

Personally, I try to judge no one but accept others into my life based only upon how they treat me personally.

Many decades ago, I made a decision to take the path of the heart. I knew from a very young age that this was my path. I could feel it inside. It guided and protected me through my teen years and into my early twenties when I knew a decision would be made. It happened when I was 26 years old.

My decision was to accept and practice the Techniques of Knowledge that Prem Rawat showed me.

Knowing is the opposite of Believing. The whole world believes but no one really knows. All the religions are based upon one belief or another. Through this practice I was shown, I found my answers from within. The questions began to cease and the beliefs were no longer necessary. I could now see life through the lens of the heart.

He was known as Maharaji  and even then, people were criticizing him, as they do now. Now they have the internet as their tool. There will probably always be people who will criticize and slander.

This man showed me a way to experience a personal Peace in my life. For this, I have the greatest appreciation and gratitude.

I hope this helps.

What a most incredible and wonderful life we have been given.

*     *     *

From Hiroshima to Fukushima

Professor Anthony J Hall, Alberta, Canada

As I pause from my mundane daily concerns and listen to people like Dr. Anthony Hall in the two videos below, I realize the enormity of the global changes that are about to take place in our lifetime. Increased consciousness and awareness of the global citizenry is crucial at this most important period in the history of the Earth.

As the drug dealers kill each other in their battles for turf and the bankers find new secret ways to maximize their wealthy power, the state of this beautiful earth we all live on is being severely compromised by the unconscious activities of the politicians and sundry leaders in whom we place our trust.

It is time for us all to sincerely appreciate the sanctity of the incredible life here that we have been given.

We must each find our own Personal Peace and spread that light to those within our realm – this is the only way to create the heaven on Earth that we all seek.

*   *   *

Please watch these videos with an open mind and realize that life on Earth is going to change drastically over the coming decades.



Celebration at Key West

The human search for joy, beauty and peacefulness manifests itself in some very interesting ways.

On our recent trip to Miami, we took a one day tour of the Florida Keys, culminating in an afternoon at Key West which is the southernmost point of the USA.

Westerly View from Mallory Wharf, Key West.

The weather was glorious and we spent the afternoon walking and taking in the local sites. Grace was quite taken by South Beach at the foot of Duval Street.

South Beach, Key West

South Beach, Key West

Around two in the afternoon, unaware of the events that would soon follow, we wandered around a quite deserted Mallory Square and took a few pictures. Mallory Square is on an historic pier that offers a 180 degree view of the harbor and the Gulf of Mexico.

Mallory Square around 2:00pm

On the bus ride down that morning, the tour guide had made a comment that the sunsets at Key West were more beautiful than anywhere in the world. I was quite skeptical about this statement so around 4:00pm we decided to return to the Pier on the Westerly side of the Key and check out this “world famous” sunset. When we arrived, I noticed street vendors, musicians and street performers beginning to set up their kiosks on the Pier. I commented to Grace that “something must be up”; maybe a normal Saturday night celebration of some sort.

I took some more pictures of Grace and some of the activities that were starting to increase substantially. The beer and wine was flowing as if a wedding was about to take place. As the sun began to sink closer and closer to the horizon, I focused on my pictures and was totally amazed at how many people had completely occupied the Pier and the surrounding grounds.

Mallory Square 15 Minutes Before Sunset

Finally I asked someone what was going on. He laughed and said everyone was there to watch the sunset. A little bit dumb-stuck at this, I found out later that this is a nightly tradition in Key West. On this particular evening, the sunset was not particularly spectacular, but this didn’t seem to bother anyone.

Fortunately I was able to catch a glimpse of a sailing ship as it glided in front of the about-to-set sun.

Oh, to have time to celebrate the sunset with a glass of wine every night of the year.

For a little bit more detailed description of this nightly celebration see:

Moonlight and Darkness

Image: nuttakit /

Moon overhead

reflects sun’s light,

day and night,

but moon is only clear

as darkness descends.

Light shines brightest

when darkness is intense.

For those who sincerely seek,

True Knowledge is here.

When the student is ready,

the teacher will come.

Pursue Virtue, Freedom or Truth?

When the Truth of our Existence is experienced within our heart and life giving breath, then Virtue andFreedom will take care of themselves as a natural consequence of the Inner Experience of The Truth. The Universal Truth is the inner experience of the power of creation or, to put it simply: the experience of LOVE!

Freedom is not something we can be denied. It is not something anyone can take from us. It is part of the inner experience of the Truth. It is already within us. We need only choose to experience it. Unfortunately, most do not make that choice because they live in fear and fear is a barrier to Freedom. Most people will tell you they have no freedom because they live in fear.

Take, for instance, the power of a lone Border Collie to control the movement of a whole flock of sheep. There may be hundreds of sheep in the flock, but because of FEAR, the whole flock submit to the command of the dog. Humans react the same way when consumed with fear. Notice how easily this small Border Collie pup is able to control a whole flock of sheep:

Few people sincerely seek the truth. For this reason, control over society has been easily accomplished by certain powerful factions. What really happened in New York City on 9/11/01? The truth is available for all to see, but the mass of people are not interested in the Truth. That is why change in society comes so stubbornly slowly. In the same way; we all have the Truth within us, but most aren’t interested.

I am aware of inmates in Prisons who experience that Truth within . They are free and in Peace, even though they are locked behind bars.

Heartfelt love is the ultimate source of unity and peace among humans. No power or control is required – unity is automatic because the entire universe exists in unity and Love is the source of this unity. Seek only the experience of LOVE and nothing else will be required. Not power, not freedom, not virtue, not unity. Within the experience of Love lies the ultimate Peace. Ultimately, that is what everyone seeks.

The pursuit of truth is far more important than the pursuit of Virtue or Freedom. If one is not interested in pursuing Truth, then the pursuit of Virtue would be a wise alternative but the pursuit of virtue is, in fact, a component of the pursuit of Inner Knowledge of Truth. Otherwise, why be virtuous?

Find the path to the source of your breath and their you will find the ultimate experience of Truth, Harmony and Inner Peace.

Self Knowledge is the Key.

*     *     *

Drug Addiction: Sickness or Criminal Act

Where I live, rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada are the end of the road. The buck stops there. If you can’t get justice within the lower court system or through the vast array of Government legislation, the Supreme Court is where you should find it.

My concept of Supreme Courts is that they judge upon the more contentious issues in life; the kinds of issues that are the most important to the populace and thus, they ultimately reflect the current mood of the people they represent.

Last week, in what has been quoted by the Montreal Gazette as a “landmark decision”, the nine judges of the Canadian Supreme Court ruled unanimously on a matter which has been festering in the Canadian Consciousness for years. This is the matter of “Insite”, the safe drug injection site for intravenous drug users in Vancouver, which has been operating “illegally” for eight years now under the umbrella of the British Columbia health system as a health care facility.

The federal government, in its zeal to enforce the national criminal code and shut down the site which it considers to be a criminal operation, decided to push the issue all the way to the Supreme Court where their lawyers’ arguments have been “shot down in flames” in this unanimous decision.

So, at least in Vancouver, safe injection sites will fall under the watch of the Provincial health care system rather that the Federal criminal code which seems to consider addicted drug users as criminals rather that ill human beings who are in need of assistance.

When I read the news of this decision, it occurred to me that there is a complete disconnect between our current governments’ awareness and the mood of the people. If the Supreme Court reflects the current mood of the people and decides that this safe injection site is a health issue rather than a criminal issue, why didn’t the government recognize this years ago and take steps to change the legislation which would have negated the need to go to the Supreme Court?

The reason, in my opinion, is that Governments are addicted to increasing their legal control over the citizens. It’s what they do best. This is why we have more and more laws every year. The income tax act is an excellent example. It has become so complicated that the average person has to hire a professional just to fill out complicated forms that should be very simple.

The government could have changed legislation that would have effectively meant giving up Federal legal control over the operation of the Insite Facility to the Provincial Government but it chose not to. Giving up control is not what governments like to do so they left it up to the Supreme Court to do it for them all the while keeping their fingers crossed, hoping the ultimate decision would be in their favour.

Where would we be if we didn’t have our beloved Supreme Court and the nine judges who, hopefully, make their decisions based upon wisdom rather than partisan Politics?

Thank you Supreme Court of Canada for a very wise decision!

Link to the very well written and concise Montreal Gazette article on this Supreme Court decision:

 *     *     *

I’m Addicted – Please Help

Some say the supreme joy, in life, can be found through transcendence to the higher realms of consciousness. Some say the ultimate joy in life can be found through the accumulation of gobs of money. Some say the best in life can be found through a peaceful life of service to humanity.

I don’t know the truth of these, but what I do know is that my morning cup of espresso is so satisfying to me that I fear I may have a serious addiction.

Let me digress. I have been drinking coffee since I was 16 years old. I have gone through all the phases that coffee drinkers experience: homemade percolator coffee, restaurant coffee, Starbucks Americano, Canadiano, espresso . . . You name it – I’ve tried it.

At this stage in my life, I have settled for the ultimate cup of coffee: A long espresso made on my own at-home Starbucks Espresso machine with 1 spoon of sugar, cream and the one additional ingredient that is to die for – a very small taster shot of Amaretto. The sugar, cream and Amaretto must be preheated in a bowl of very hot water prior to adding the coffee from the machine. (don’t preheat in the microwave). I like my coffee HOT!

Throughout all these years one thing has remained constant: my constant need for sugar and cream in my coffee. I can handle it without the cream but the sugar . . .

Here is my problem. I’m at an age where I think I should take better care of my health to ensure a happy long life. It’s not that the coffee is so bad for me – it’s the sugar! Even the cream isn’t that bad for me and the Amaretto – well – a little once in a while won’t hurt you. I have given up coffee MANY times during my life: sometimes for up to six months. Imagine -6 months without coffee. Then, and it always happens like this, I think “Oh a little coffee would taste so good – think I’ll try it”. One sip and I’m hooked for a few more years. Isn’t this the sign of a serious addiction?

They say sugar is a killer.

So dear reader. do you have any suggestions for how to deal with my addiction to SUGAR. I’ve tried coffee without it – tastes awful to me. Should I just give up the coffee altogether or is there an alternative that will give me my morning HIT?

*     *     *

Within and Without


Without lies your miraculous birth.

Without lie your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Without lie your pleasures, pains and satisfactions.

Without lie your work, effort and perfection.

Without lie your friends, associates and lovers.

Without lie your beliefs, concepts and ideas.

Without lie your clubs, teams and religions.

Without lie your teachers, mentors and heroes.

Without lie your masters, ascended masters and Gods.

Without lie your many dimensional worlds.

Without lie your streams, lakes and oceans.

Without lie the sun, moon and stars.

Without lie the sunrise and sunsets.

Without lie politics, aggression and war.

Without lie greed, success and riches.

Without lie your body, mind and life.

Without lies eventual death.


Within lies the love of your life.

Within lies the harmony of creation.

Within lie fulfillment, gratitude and appreciation.

Within lies the ultimate feeling.

Within lies the Power of Creation within your breath.

Within lies the answer to all your questions.

Within lies your immortality.

Within lies the feeling of Peace you can take with you when it’s time to leave.

*     *     *


Happiness: That indescribably wonderful incredible feeling of fulfillment, within, that swells up from the heart when we are connected to the power of our breath with a feeling of appreciation and gratitude for the life that we have been given. More commonly known as love. With that feeling, everything is right with the world and our soul is in peace.

*     *     *

Failure Does Not Exist

The only way to fail in your life is to end it.

Failure does not exist – only learning exists.

Things don’t always turn out the way we want, but that is the nature of this life adventure. I have no desire to become a ballerina or rocket scientist because that is not my capability. In my journey, I follow the feeling and guidance of my heart to achieve that which is fulfilling. This journey always takes me to unexpected places.

Banish the word failure and follow your dreams. All is possible. The universe is infinite and has the capacity to fulfill all your dreams and aspirations.

Know that your ability to appreciate the beauty of an ocean sunset makes you a success. Know that your ability to appreciate the music of the songbird makes you a success. Know that your ability to appreciate the soft caress of a lover makes you a success. You are a breathing, feeling, loving human.

If you are breathing you are succeeding. Be content in the awareness, appreciation and gratitude for the life you have been given. That is the secret to inner peace and contentment – the only success we really need

*     *     *

Water’s Journey

Water transformed,

rises from ocean,

unseen to dwell in ethers.

Time in heavens unseen world,

she, transformed again,

luminescent, descends.

With open arms,

Earth absorbs, nurtures.

Longing, searching;

where is home?

Where is ocean?

Shivery snow,

iridescent ice,

lake, freshwater rest,

trickling stream,

raging rivers,



seeking ocean.

Home again!

The Power of Love

Sasha asks: “Why only talk about ‘love’? There are so many other important things in the world like descrimination, racism, planet in danger, etc… “

Here’s why we talk about Love.

Within every human – two forces exist. Every moment of every day, as the gentle waves of the ocean surf sooth our searching soul, the waves of our life-giving breath gently whisper a simple request for our attention, but we do not notice. Instead, we succumb to our demanding, all consuming thought generating mind. Most of us have no control over either our breath or our mind.

Pay no attention to the mind. Experience the power of the breath, every moment of every day for this is the experience of true love. This power is infinite love, peace, joy, gratitude and, ultimately, complete human fulfillment.

True love is within, self sufficient – the ultimate divine experience. Love permeates every pore of our body. It is the foundation of our temple of life. Generated from gratitude and appreciation, love is the miracle of life. It overwhelms the mind and consumes all thought. An ocean of freedom, fulfillment and joy is found in a single drop of love. It is the solution to all problems. Love is the only truth. All else is illusion. Love conquers all.

Love has nothing to do with another person or an external object, but the gathering of humans who experience love within is, truly, a joyous occasion. A couple; a master and student, a group gathering of any kind; these are all incredibly wonderful relationships when based upon true love. True love is the feeling in the heart free and independent of the outside world and independent of others in our life.

There are only two ways to live life. In love or without love. In life in love everything is a miracle. In life without love nothing is a miracle.

My breath is a miracle. It sustains my life every moment. My life is a miracle. So, all life is a miracle. Love is the miracle of miracles. Love is the experience of Heaven on Earth.

*      *      *

A Place Within

There’s a Place within that

Makes my life worthwhile.

Makes me want to smile.

Puts a sparkle in my eye.

Makes me feel I can fly.

Makes me feel like an ace.

Puts a glow on my face.

My thoughts does destroy.

Fills my heart with joy.

My awareness does fill

with a silence so still.

Always is there

within the air

that I breath,

never to leave.

So you see

this place




*     *     *

The Master’s Key

My Master came on a special day.
He gave me the key, the tools, the way.
The choice is mine now, mine to make.
Now I am the master in charge of my fate.

To choose within, Peace or War;
Heartfelt peace or war to the core.
The choice is mine, each day to make.
Now I am the master in charge of my fate.

Within or without; that is my choice.
Speaking to me in a whispering voice,
My friend within is calling me now.
I’ll visit him there; He showed me how.

My Master now, for me, inspires.
He inspires the world and never tires.
I have the Knowledge to now partake.
Now I am the master; in charge of my fate.

*      *      *

My Marathon

Running Woods PathI had a sleeping dream and when I awoke, unusually, I remembered every little detail and emotion of it. To express the powerful feelings the dream evoked in me, it seemed appropriate to use the poetry form. This is the first time I’ve done this for many years. Hope you like it. . .

I ran a marathon.
Just me and my path.

Shifting, twisting, weaving,
woods and streams surround.
Up, over, down and ’round.
Earth rises to meet my sole.
Heart beating, breath heaving,
blood pulsing, protecting, energizing.

Feeling whole.

Power within, light, lighting.
Skin sweating, body heating,
muscles tingling, arms reaching.
Legs stretching, thighs pounding.
Step by step – elation, creation,
freedom fluidly flowing.

The rise of hill the crest and fall.
Running, falling, gravity pulling,
legs solidly meeting the call.
Dodging obstacles, pathway blocked,
fallen trees, no penetration, consternation.

Space, a space – a very small space.
Can’t fit – coming through – transformation.
Pure energy, flying freely flowing
seeing, through clean pure air,
between dark limbs with leaves in place.

Flying, flying, flying . . .

Transformed again to matter dense.
Destination coming, evaluating.
Anticipation, round the turn,
behind the fence, crowd, waiting, cheering.
Winners kiss, feeling, smiling.

Feeling proud – now awaken.
Dream is done, marathon won.
Gratitude – affirmation, appreciation.

Soul power, breath within,
beating heart, energy flowing.
Freedom reigns with love and light.
New day dawning – future’s bright.

King Of The World

I am the King of the World. The power of my every thought transforms the atoms of the earthly realms and molds my manifested existence. Creation is my specialty. The Universe serves my every wish. My dreams come true. Elevated, are those who feel my aura. The power of my heartfelt experience of Joy, Love and Fulfillment permeates the air I breathe. Darkness shrinks at a glimpse of my light. Danger flees from me. My adventure never ends and, moment to moment,  is ever changing. I fly in my dreams and float when awake. Wherever I am, there within, is my true home and my best friend – always bringing peace and love to my existence. I am never alone. I am the luckiest man alive – for I am the King of the World!

*     *     *

Life’s Magic – The Knife and the G3

Chapter 1

The Fathers True Story of the Knife

In ancient days, when you were too young to join the Boy Scouts, you had to be a Cub Scout. This was for little boys between the ages of 7 and 11. Can you believe, as old as I am, I still remember Lorne Broomfield, the name of my “Sixer”? He was at least a few years older that me and the leader of our Six-Pack, the Wolverines. They really did call it a “Six-Pack”.

I was very proud to be a Wolverine and I absolutely idolized Lorne Broomfield.  Lorne’s green uniform had that worn-out-look, undoubtedly, from years of camping out in the forest and I had a brand new crisp uniform which made me feel completely insecure. No one ever wants to be first and no one wants to be a neophyte. It wasn’t jealousy I felt, but, I guess, a little bit of envy as I often watched Lorne pull out the gleaming steel, well used, official scout knife from its leather sheath attached to his belt. This knife, for me, was the ultimate symbol that you had “arrived” as a Scout.

Every year we went on an overnight camping trip. We learned to pitch a tent, make things, tie knots and cook on an open fire. It was on my first camping trip that an very incredible event happened – a simple event but, nonetheless, very magical. The campsite was located out in the wilderness were the wild animals roamed – beaver, skunks, eagles, mountain lions and even bears. One had to have a knife to protect ones self. The first day of my first camp we arrived late in the morning after a long drive. The orientation and rules were laid out and once we had pitched our tents and made everything ready for the weekend, we were free to roam. Ah – freedom. We climbed trees, looked for eagles in the sky, quietly listened for mountain lions or bears at the edge of the woods. It was all very exhilarating.

And then it happened – miracle of miracles. I’ve always been a bit of a loner. That afternoon, late, just before the sun was about to set, I was walking  through the long tall grass that lined the forest edge and stepped on something under the grass that caused my ankle to turn slightly. At first I thought it was a rock but it seemed to have a very strange shape.

I sat down on the ground and pulled the grass apart to see what it was. There, just for me, a gift from above, a real official Boy Scout knife, well used and scratched up just as I would want it to be. Now this was a miracle enough, but the clincher that told me I was to never tell anyone where I got my new knife was the fact that, there, on the face of the leather sheath were carved the intials “J.A.”. My initials. Finally I had arrived as a Cub Scout. Eventually, when I was older, I joined the Boy Scouts and with me, by my side attached to my belt, was my official Boy Scout Knife – my knife – given to me as a gift.

Chapter 2

The Fathers True Story About the Son

Very old souls often come into this modern world with heightened intelligence and wisdom. They come for a particular reason with a particular mission in life. Often, that mission is a simple one and something only understood by them. It is not always evident to other people and is almost always not what people expect. Very old souls, who are often very childlike in their nature, also tend to get looked after by the Laws of Nature.

My Son is a very intelligent human being and, in my opinion, a very old soul. He also has a radically alternative view of life. He is much like his father. He is not particularly motivated by money or creature comforts. He only wants the basics in life. The basics for him are a comfortable place to sleep, good close loving friends, the best musical instruments money can buy, musicians to play with, enough money to go to the odd Rock Concert, a regular bottle of beer, and a bicycle to get from point “A” to point “B” . For him, the beer part is imbibed at the local pub on a regular basis. This has been the case for many, many years, much to his Fathers consternation.

His friends have often joked about his Comfort Zone being a circular radius of two miles from his home. I disagree with his friends. I believe the truth of the matter is that his comfort zone is more like one mile from his home.

Nevertheless, his life has been quite satisfying for him, if not somewhat restricted.

Life has a way of getting what it thinks is best for you. After all, the reason for existence here on Earth is to enjoy our life here to the fullest. Sometimes when we don’t do that, events happen, Magical events. The Magic of Life, if you will.

Elevated transportation methods are most efficient and enable a human being to expand ones horizons and tend to increase the level of adventure that life has to offer. An increased level of adventure, tends to increase one’s level of enjoyment, awareness and consciousness.

My Son, recently, was enjoying his favorite beer at his favorite pub, with his favorite friends, cheering on his favorite Hockey Team, The Vancouver Canucks, who incidentally won the game. As they often do at this type of an event, they had a draw for a prize. You have to pay to enter the draw, which I assume he did. The draw, in this case, was to pick out an envelope with the keys to a brand new automobile. You guessed it – out of 400 envelopes, he picked the one with the keys to a new Pontiac G3. It has very good gas mileage for someone who doesn’t need a lot of money and wouldn’t want to spend a lot on gas.

Automobiles are very helpful in expanding ones horizons.

Life has it’s ways, dear reader. Don’t underestimate the power of the universe to look after you and your life. Just take one step and Nature will take 10 steps.

Life is indeed a magical ride – Do you see the magic?

*     *     *