For Daniel

Life is change. Without change, the adventure called life would be very dull.DSC_9591 RTZ Crop 2x1 w1400 GMP

When the heart is open and searching for peace, life will present us with circumstances which, while sometimes painful and challenging, have the ultimate purpose to transition us onto the life path that will, in the end, bring the most satisfaction.

It is the challenge that is almost always difficult because it requires us to abandon old concepts, erroneous beliefs and destructive habits that are not aligned with our hearts inner longing for peace.

When our mind tells us to seek fulfillment through relationships or possessions, the heart knows better and guides us to circumstances where, ultimately, we realize that everything we seek is within our own self.

In the end, all we really have is the experience of the power in our own breath which keeps us alive and which, for every living moment, we can experience gratitude. For me, this is the simple secret of a life overflowing with fulfillment.

May your life be filled with love, peace, fulfillment and wonder!

2 comments on “For Daniel

  1. Hi, just found your site again after a very long time. I see that you are still writing amazing and beautiful pieces. Hope all is well with you. I still find my life amazing and delightful even as I turn 75 in December. hugs, pat

    • Nice to hear from you Pat. I haven’t been doing much writing the last few years. However, I have started creating videos of some of my travels. I do everything filming, editing, choose the music etc and I’m having a blast doing it. I will be posting everything here on my blog (in addition to Youtube etc.) Not doing it for money. I just enjoy it very much. Learning Learning Learning. . .

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